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1 Minute Marketing tips – 25 tips in 30 minutes


Published on: December 10, 2020
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In this course, I will tell you my best marketing tips you can use in your business. Short but very powerful tips, easy to understand and ready to use. If you like some of the tips, feel free to integrate them in your company and enjoy the results.

What?s in the course?

I will show you a low cost, high effective marketing tool. I will teach you that marketing doesn?t work, only if you keep this in mind. How to reduce your costs with 60% and avoid from bad decisions? A simple technique what makes more money. How to make money off ?sleeping customers?.A simple trick to triple your customers. A tip that make your life so much easier and costs under $10. The key to grow your business. Make your campaigns 10x more successful! How to double your sales in the first 24 hours? Pricing tip: How much to charge? The best advice I ever learned? and so much more?


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