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3D BUZZ – Using Modern JavaScript Today


Published on: December 10, 2020
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what every web developer needs to know

This course introduces a variety of essential tools and techniques for modern web development that works with ANY OS or backend platform. We cover the tools necessary to write clean, modern, modular frontend AND backend JavaScript.
Node.js, gulp, leading edge JavaScript features, module loaders, bundlers, and everything in between are covered in depth!

What are the requirements?

Experience building web applications or sites, using JavaScript and common libraries such as jQuery, is required
Have a basic understanding of how to navigate your platform’s terminal or command line

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 68 lectures and 16.5 hours of content!
Use Modern JavaScript tools and language features on all web platforms
Organize their JavaScript, images and stylesheets into modules with a clear dependency hierarchy
Quickly iterate on code in development, using file watchers that re-compile code on any change
Easily deploy production-ready asset bundles
Use a build step in order to allow code transformations so that other languages (such as Less, Sass, CoffeeScript, and TypeScript) can be used in the browser
Automate common tasks during development and deployment using Node libraries and Gulp

What is the target audience?

This course is NOT an introduction to JavaScript
This course IS for JavaScript developers who want to develop using leading edge technology and techniques
This course is ESPECIALLY for ASP.NET developers who wish to learn more about Gulp, Bower and Node for use in ASP.NET 5

Section 1: Fundamentals: How To Node
Lecture 1 Introduction 04:47
Welcome! This video briefly goes over what we will be learning in this course and what the requirements are.

Lecture 2 Overview 13:26
This video goes a little further and breaks down each of the things we will be learning. We discuss each technology, what it does and why we are learning it.

Lecture 3 Installing Node 14:43
First thing is first: we must get our development environment setup. Here we install Node.js and talk about how we’re going to be using it.

Lecture 4 Running JavaScript in Node 09:42
Next up, we talk about the all important node executable. We discuss the REPL (read, evaluate, print loop) and how to execute JavaScript files right from our file system.

Lecture 5 Node Modules (CommonJS) 19:33
Now we need to know how to load up multiple JavaScript files from within node. In this video, we explore the CommonJS module format.

Lecture 6 Node Example 1 16:25
Before moving on to looking at other tools, we introduce many “nodeisms? (including asynchronicity) and the general way that the platform works by working through a simple example.

Lecture 7 Node Example 2 – Part 1 14:41
I don’t think that was enough. Next up, we start with a second example that shows even more of how node likes to work. In this example, we create our own web server using nothing but built-in modules!

Lecture 8 Node Example 2 – Part 2 19:47
And we finally wrap up the last example, finishing our exploration of how node likes to work.

Section 2: NPM: Never manually download a library again
Lecture 9 The Basics 09:45
We introduce the Node Package Manager by showing an example of downloading a global module from the NPM registry that installs a very handy tool on our system that we will be using a lot of.

Lecture 10 Local Modules 15:15
Next up, we explore local modules, how they are installed and how they are located and resolved at runtime.

Lecture 11 (ES2015) Arrow Functions 13:28
I had to sneak this in here… This is an introduction to arrow functions – an ES2015 feature that I wanted to introduce early so I could use it in future examples.

Lecture 12 (Library) Loda


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