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48 Days to the Work You Love


Published on: December 9, 2020
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During this course you will learn how to:

– Discover your God-given and perhaps buried talents
– Take your talents and create a clear focus
– Embrace the ?gift? of meaningful work
– Experience the freedom that comes from finding your passion
– Understand the differences between ?vocation,? ?career,? and ?job?

– Learn from the shared life stories of those already living the 48 Days principles
– Go through defeat and ?failure? and come back twice as strong
– Find job possibilities that never appear in the newspaper or online
– Make $1,000 a minute by negotiating your offer
– Turn your own ideas into extraordinary income
– Decide whether you want a ?traditional job? or one of the new work models
– Recognize the only kind of ?education? that has value
– Build up your assets , even while unemployed
– Find your IDEAL WORK – and LOVE it!

Lesson 1: Why Do We Work?
Lesson 2: The Challenge of Change
Lesson 3: Crating a Life Plan
Lesson 4: The Power of Having A Goal
Lesson 5: Looking Inward
Lesson 6: Understanding My Personal Characteristics
Lesson 7: Shaping the Options
Lesson 8: Creative Job Search Strategy
Lesson 9: Preparing for the Interview
Lesson 10: Negotiating Salaries
Lesson 11: Maybe I Don’t Want A Traditional Job
Lesson 12: Final Components for Making the Plan


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