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7-Day Accelerate Wealth Jumpstart – Julie Renee


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Getting Started

Welcome to the Accelerate Wealth 7-Day Jump start program! I am excited to be able to share this with you.

I hope you enjoy the process as we take steps to allow you to manifest and receive the gifts of a fully engaged and abundant life!

Here are the three essential things that will ensure you achieve the best possible results as you work through this program.

Understand and use the program resources and materials
Remain resolute in your passion, disciplined energy and intention to commit to the program
Fulfill ? and complete your daily assignments.

Understanding the importance for these three fundamental elements will ensure your achieve outstanding results!
Important Notes to Help You
Gain the Most From This Program

Your Abundant Meditation provides you with incredible direction for increasing your ability to manifest in all areas of plentiful living. As you practice your guided meditation every day, you will refresh and renew your spiritual and physical body with the vibrations of joy, and an internal purification. Once your being is set at clarity and ease, you create the mock-ups that will produce vitality, love, financial freedom and all manner of abundance. Everything that lives in the realm of possibility for you is a potential mock-up and manifestation. Speaking out your intentions (mock-ups) with this approach rapidly moves your objectives to reality!

How to Create and Speak Your Mock-ups

When creating your mock-up, speak about your intentions as if they already exist. It is vital to learn this method of speaking. Leave out descriptive negatives. Your mock-ups should be clear and complete.

Write down your top three abundant breakthroughs
Commit to creating a shift in during the next 7 days

There are many fabulous surprise benefits that participants routinely report. Among these are:

Peace and ease
Inner confidence
Outer glow or attraction others are drawn to
Positive sense of fortification
Rightness for yourself in the Universe

That?s it! Super-simple, and super-fabulous!

The Program Resources and Materials
The Daily Jumpstart Messages

These tutorials are perfectly designed to move you from wherever you are in this moment toward your powerful, life-changing abilities. You are on your way to becoming a wealth magnet and manifesting the life of your dreams!

These daily posts of inspiration and information support you in clarifying and refining your goals and intentions. Each unique lesson assists you in activating your magnetic ?Law of Attraction Accelerator? energy.


Make a commitment to step it up. Keep your word to yourself and dive into this program head-on, giving it your full energy and enthusiasm. Commit today to really give yourself the biggest opportunity to win. Take on these lessons as if your life depends on your ability to comprehend and incorporate these ideas.
Are you looking for BIG RESULTS? If your answer is YES!, doing the all the homework is a must!

This 7-Day Accelerate Your Wealth Jumpstart is the first step in getting to your big win. People just like you have produced incredible results. So many folks just like you have created miraculous results!

On Day 3 of her program, Cynthia was notified she would receive a check for $100,000 from her family estate, and Tommy landed an executive producers job for a top notch television series.

Even if you are tempted to just skim through the pages, I urge you to resist the temptation to ?cheat? yourself. Give yourself the incredible gift of really playing big!

Day Two


Congratulations on saying ?YES? to taking your next steps in manifesting and receiving the gifts of a fully engaged, abundant life!

Does your home prevent you from bringing in abundance? Here are some si


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