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Abhyasa Ashram – The Yoga of Living In and Beyond Karma


Published on: December 10, 2020
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What Will I Learn?
Understand the meaning of Karma as in traditional Yoga
Learn methods of reducing Karma at the levels of Actions, Speech, and Thoughts
Reduce the effects of Karma through Contemplation and Meditation
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There are no specific prerequisites for this course.
Wants to practice traditional Yoga right in the middle of life.
The law of Karma is a universal process, whereby causes lead to effects. This is something that all of us are already familiar with, whether or not we use the word Karma to describe it. Newton?s third law of motion, that every action leads to a reaction, is an application of the law of Karma. Whether we are talking about physics or daily life in the world, it is extremely useful to understand the law and process of Karma so that we may regulate or direct the process. Then, gradually, we can come to know, in direct experience, the Joy of Being that is Beyond the Karma.

We can soften the impact of the playing out of our past Karmas, and can choose our own future Karma if we are willing to put in the effort to learn how to do it. This course offers both clear explanations of the traditional concepts of karma, and practical ways of living in and going beyond karma.

Who is the target audience?
Everybody who is interested in the relationship between Karma and Yoga
People with a background in Yoga
People who practice Meditation


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