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AccentHelp – 37 Accents


Published on: December 10, 2020
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American Accents
American Southern: Hard-R Accent Vol. 1
The Hard-R accent is spoken all across the south, and this covers the varied elements of the dialect, explaining the difference between twang and drawl. From the Ozark mountains to the backwoods of Georgia, you’ll hear ’em all, y’all!

American Southern: Hard-R Accent Vol. 2
Volume 2 of the Southern: Hard-R accent is a huge collection of recordings from Virginia, West Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennesse, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma & Missouri!

American Southern: Hard-R Accent Vol. 3
Volume 3 of the Southern: Hard-R accent includes a number of recordings from Pawhuska, Oklahoma – perfect for productions of August: Osage County – and from Natchitoches, Louisiana – perfect for productions of Steel Magnolias.

American Southern: Soft-R Accent
Southern: Soft-R is a classic accent that is not as common today, with the R-sound dropped after vowels. It’s what you often hear in plays by Tennessee Williams and others – and Hollywood gets it wrong all the time!

Boston Accent
There are some variations in Boston accents, but they all share elements with the stereotypical “Southie? accent taught in this download. Bostonians seems unsatisfied with anyone’s attempt at the accent – but here’s your wicked key to nailing it!

Cajun Accent
Cajun accents are focused around the swamplands of southern Louisiana and into southeast Texas. Even though many younger Cajuns don’t speak French anymore, the language still has a huge impact on their accents. You’ll hear both contemporary Cajuns and classic Cajuns who speak very little English here, cher!

Central Plains Midwest Accent
Central Plains Midwest accents carry west to the Rocky Mountains, including Colorado & Wyoming, as well as the Midwestern states of Iowa, Nebraska & Kansas. You might expect the more Western accents to sound more Southern, but in reality, a Laramie, Wyoming accent doesn’t have that quality.

Chicago Accent
The stereotypical Chicago accent has become very recognized largely due to all of the Second City improv people who’ve come out of Chicago and made their way onto Saturday Night Live, such as Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and John Belushi. Da Bears! Da Bulls! Da David Mamet!

Gullah Accent
Gullah and Geechee are the common terms for the accent and culture of African-Americans along the coast of the southeastern United States. This accent developed largely due to years of isolation on the islands off the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia – today, it’s in danger of dying out.

New England Downeast Accent
These “Downeast? New England accent materials lead you throughout the northeast, including bigger port cities like Portland and the isolated lobstering community out on Matinicus Island. You’ll also hear inland variations that show it’s not just the coast that drops the ah’s, a-yah!

New Orleans Yat Accent
New Orleans accents are somewhat a-typical for the south, and are sometimes mistaken for New York. New Orleans accents are often called Yat or Y’at because of the phrase “Where y’at?? meaning “How are you?? You’re doing great if you’re in the Crescent City…

New York City Accent
The New York accent is perhaps the most recognizable American accent worldwide – and it’s also one of AccentHelp’s most frequently downloaded accent training courses. This covers the varied accents in and around the city, especially hitting on the accents of Brooklyn and da Bronx.

NYC Latino Accent
New York City Latino and Latina accents are commonly spoken in Spanish Harlem and in other parts of NYC, especially because areas in the Heights have gentrified, moving many of the Nuyoricans and other Latinos into various neighborhoods of NYC.

Pittsburgh Accent
Pittsburgh accents are sometimes called “Yinzer? accents bec


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