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Active Campaign Email Marketing Beginner to Power User Fast (2016)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Profitable email marketing with ActiveCampaign. Harness the Power of ActiveCampaign to automate your marketing. Imagine your business having more powerful and profitable automated email marketing. Where your follow up is more intelligent than just sending one email after another. Where your potential customers feel you are talking about them and understand them. ActiveCampaign delivers amazing marketing possibilities BUT with lots of GOTCHAs. Learn from my experience and mistakes? Enrol now and start a new world of intelligent email marketing with ActiveCampaign. This course takes you rapidly from beginner to advanced user of the Active Campaign. In just 2 hours you should be able to design and create interactive automation marketing systems with ActiveCampaign. Ideal for anyone starting with Active Campaign or switching over from another email systems. Also suitable for those with a little experience of Active Campaign who have lost their way. Over the course of 80+ video lessons and just over 2 hours you will Discover all the foundations of using Active Campaign before building on them
Know how to use Active Campaign and third party methods for collecting leads
Understand the power of automation and tagging for intelligent marketing
Work out a naming and organisation system for your account to avoid growing pains later
Be able to rework the example automations to warm up your prospects, convert freebie downloads to customers and reduce refunds
Discover what is working with campaign and automation reporting
Avoid the gotcha?s and mistakes of other Active Campaign users


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