Adam Eason – Tripnosis Bundle – Getting A Natural High


Published on: December 14, 2020
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This is a set of 4 hypnosis tracks aimed at developing uplifting sensations and helping you to develop a ‘natural high’ with the aid of hypnosis…

I have told stories about when I first learned self-hypnosis as a teenager while still living; I used to stick on a pair of my Dad’s old headphones, plug it into his music system and play the ‘War of the Worlds’ LP while using self-hypnosis; focus on my imagination to create fantastical mindscapes and light shows; – pure escapism!

I would finish those sessions feeling wonderfully refreshed and revitalised.

Interestingly, in my earlier, very different life, I experimented greatly with a wide variety of recreational drugs and alcohol. One of the many reasons I stopped taking those kind of substances was that the ensuing hangovers and bouts of depression made my life miserable. What’s more, as I consumed more, the forced high created by the drugs decreased my ability to get high with the same amount of drugs thereafter (I kept needing to take greater amounts!) as well as inhibiting my ability to feel high and happy without drugs (as I said, it made me depressed on occasion and my ability to have fun plummeted).

Since then, over the years, there have been a number of things I have found to offer me ‘natural highs’ such as self-hypnosis, laughter, running, making love, teaching and even eating chocolate – so I managed to practice and practice to enable myself to feel high on life as possible – to be honest, none of these things offer the same kind of intensity as consuming ecstasy at a rave, or as hallucinogenic as smoking salvio divinorum in the wilderness or eating mushrooms picked from fields on the outskirts of a damp city in the English winter. Yet I think many people would be amazed by what kind of natural high we can create with the right kind of instruction, subsequent practice and some open-minded willing.

The beauty being that there are no adverse effects to a natural high.

Drugs damage the reward centre of the brain by forcing the brain to release dopamine. The brain knows how to balance a natural high so that it does not damage the brain or impair our ability to recreate those highs.

Some people may think this an odd application of hypnosis or even to read about this type of thing from a therapist and teacher such as myself – yet therapists spend a great deal of time attempting to alter moods of people who are depressed, anxious or sad. This set of audio tracks will be altering your mood for a natural high.

Animal studies conducted as far back as the 1950s  (Olds and Milner, 1950; Hughes & Kosterlitz, 1974) proved that the brain produces its own internal opiates. Ongoing research showed that there are two key drivers of human pleasure – dopamine and endorphin.

Science has shown us that there is a neurochemical analogue for each mind-altering substance, such as recreational drugs; some of which can contribute to loss (temporary or permanent) of sanity, diminished well-being and greatly lowered productivity. Given that the brain is a giant pharmaceutical factory that manufactures its own mind-altering chemicals, the aim of these hypnosis tracks is to show you how to use hypnosis to derive natural pleasure. It is not without some short term ‘pain’ I suppose, because you require persistence and an open-mind whilst finding time to develop the skills.

As well as using processes that are included within this set of hypnosis tracks, you can help yourself to do more things that will help you feel good and laugh more – watch comedies, read funny books, make others laugh with stories or anecdotes and surround yourself with  people who make you laugh and giggle. Do some physical activity such as running, cycling or swimming that is shown to release those feel good chemicals. Socialise, make love with your partner, get some fresh air…  These things will lift your spirits, heighten your pain tolerance, reduce anxiety and stress, and boost your energy levels – plus, it’ll help you to be able to more readily access those feelings with the processes I’ll be sharing with you in these 4 tracks. Let me tell you a bit about each of the 4 tracks…


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