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Adam Lyons – Breaking Rapport


Published on: December 10, 2020
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As you can see there is no-way this guy is going to be stuck in that comfortable friend zone. Nor is he ever going to be accused of having boring interactions with people. He has identified his mistakes and crushed them into oblivion allowing him to enjoy the rest of his life knowing he can build attraction with a girl he wants any time he likes.

The technique you just witnessed is part of a collection of techniques known as breaking rapport.But in order to learn those techniques in the same way as him you would have to give up 6 months of your life and spend over 10,000 in training just as he did. The truth is this just isnt a feasible method to help people. So for you weve done something better. Weve compiled a collection of the best attraction building breaking rapport techniques with some simple explanations of how to build your own that show you how to easily destroy those 6 mistakes.

Mistake Number 1: Most guys dont understand girl fun Most guys idea of a fun time involves carefully structured games. Look at men as children. They play sports, or battle games, video games and board games. Girls are different. As children girls are interested in word and rhyming games, their life in the future, and social events.

Mistake Number 2: Most guys struggle to cross the physical gap Sometimes 6 inches can be the largest distance to cross in the world. Especially when that distance is between you and a girl you want to touch. You know that if she was ok with you touching her everything would be ok. The problem is most guys dont know how to tell if a girl is ok with being touched.

Mistake Number 3: Most guys dont challenge girls Girls love playing games with guys. Its fun to them to see just how far that can push a guy to do what they want with just the hint that something might happen between them. Most guys readily jump to attention for a pretty girl just for the promise of pussy and do whatever she wants in the hope that she might return their affections and decide to date them.

Mistake Number 4: Most guys are afraid to voice their own opinions No-one likes a yes man. Someone who just agrees with whatever you say without giving you any actual feedback that cow;d be beneficial to you. Never suggesting something different to do, never actually adding anything to the situation. Always just agreeing like some shadow of a person.

Mistake Number 5: Most guys are too available We often perceive something as being valuable when it is unavailable to us. After all if you can just buy a everyday car that gets you from a b why do we lust after the more expensive unique models? Its the lack of availability to us that increases this desire. Whether its because we cant afford it or because it is limited edition the harder something is to obtain the harder it is to get.

Mistake Number 6: Most guys dont get sexual Women are sexual creatures, you only have to look at the way to dress to see that. The problem is they dont want to have sex thrust upon them, they want it to rise slowly and to feel the sensation of arousal grow within them.


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