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Adam Thomas – Dropshipping Accelerator 2018


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Everything You Need to Know to Run a Successful Dropshipping Business in 2018 Using Virtually Untapped Traffic Sources and Genius Marketing This course has been designed mainly to do 2 things: 1.) Speed up your learning process – I don’t want you to have to waste months or up to years of your life trying to figure this stuff out by yourself, I want to lay everything out from A-Z and give you on-going support to get the results you want as fast as possible. The main goal of this course is to help you get everything right from day one. 2.) Save you money – The course is designed to be mutually beneficial, I want this course to be an investment and pay for itself. I wasted thousands running paid traffic because I had to figure out myself how to optimise your ads, so you could either learn how to optimise your ads by throwing loads of money at them and analysing the data, or you can just have them optimised from the minute you set them up by learning from my mistakes. The majority of the stuff in the course you can learn yourself, I’m not going to lie. After all, I figured this all myself, I didn’t take any courses. It took me two years to start making good profit, and I’ve put that entire two years experience into one course. So yeah, you can go and scrape information from tonnes of blog articles, YouTube videos, and other guides. The only problem is, you’re going to waste a lot of time doing this. You can always make more money, but that time you will never get back. I have also designed the course to be a luxury learning experience, laying out everything you need in a nice, digestible format. You can learn on your desktop, mobile, or tablet both online and offline through a combination of videos, presentations, and downloadable PDF’s I’ve created to make the learning experience fast and fun. When a blog article gets to the top of Google, it’s not because the content is accurate, it’s because of SEO (search engine optimisation), that’s a fact. I learnt this the hard way, so this course is designed to not only to save you from having scrape bits of free content from across the web trying to piece everything together, but also to make sure you don’t read any inaccurate or outdated information that will hurt your progression instead of helping your progression. Here is what we will go through in the course (please note there may be very slight changes as this is still in beta, although the majority of the course and the bulk of information will stay the same): Module 1: Complete Store Set-up Guide + Hands-on Walkthrough This module is all about setting up your store, people often go through 3 or 4 failed stores before making a sale. Why waste so much of your time and money when you can just set everything up right the first time? My aim is to teach you how to set up the foundation of your business properly, from day one you can pick a golden niche using my extensive finding a niche guide, one of the most detailed guides on the internet tailored specifically for dropshipping in 2018. I also show you some of my more secretive ways of competitor research, like how to find your top competitors, how to see what products are best sellers in their store RIGHT NOW so you can piggyback off their proven products. There’s so much more in the competitor spying guide, but I’ll leave them secrets for the course, as I don’t want them to get too much exposure to make sure this stuff doesn’t get saturated. Set-up your store correctly from the get go, with a full walk-through showing you exactly how to set up your store and also a PDF checklist to ensure everything is in place before that big launch day. I will also make sure your store is optimised for conversions right from the get go as well, so you can make the most out of your free and paid traffic. Lessons: – Ultimate Finding a Niche Guide – Advanced Competitor Research/Spying Guide – Complete Set-up Store From Scratch Walkthrough – Hands On – How To Optimi


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