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Administer and Manage VMware vSphere Resources


Published on: December 10, 2020
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VMware is the market leader in virtualization. Their cloud?-based virtualization platform, vSphere, is the software of choice for organizations looking to go virtual. Watch this course to learn how to manage and allocate resources such as CPU and memory in a VMware vSphere environment. VMware Certified Instructor Rick Crisci provides an overview of vSphere resource controls?shares, limits, and reservations?and their impact on performance and VSWP file size. Rick explains exactly what happens when virtual machines compete for resources, the role of swap files, and how resource controls help automate allocation. In chapter 2, Rick shows how to manage performance with resource pools, including child pools. He explains the impact a reservation has on resource pools, and includes a demo on creating and configuring a resource pool. Chapter 3 is an overview of the vFlash architecture for leveraging SSD resources. Watch this chapter to learn how to configure vFlash reservations and to assign a reservation to a VM. Note: This course maps to the Administer and Manage vSphere 6. x Resources domain of the vSphere Certified Professional 6?Data Center Virtualization (VCP6?DCV) exam.


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