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Advanced WordPress Development- Take Control of The Back End (2015)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Learn Advanced WordPress Development To Power Up The Administrative Back End. Some videos include complete plugins.

Have you ever wanted to know the secrets behind all the cool things that WordPress plugins and themes can do?
For WordPress Theme Developers
Have you ever developed a theme and wanted it to do more? Through this course, I teach how to add powerful WordPress programming tools to your themes by modifying only a few files.
For WordPress Plugin Developers
After getting frustrated, because maybe a plugin does not fit your needs, why not take your WordPress programming skills to the next level and really learn how to customize them to your needs?
For PHP Developers
Programming in WordPress is a snap when you already know PHP. This course shows how to take that PHP experience and parlay into WordPress API development.
Some Videos Come With Complete Plugins
Besides just teaching the advanced concepts, some videos come with complete plugins that can downloaded and used immediately after some customization as explained in each video

In this course, I teach the advanced concepts from:

Adding fields to the user profile page
Over 12 popular hooks
Changing post and page content on the fly
Displaying messages on the administrative back end to writers, contributors and other users
User management
Writing your own dashboard and sidebar widgets
Hiding certain admin links and dashboard widgets from other users
Security hacks such as redirecting unauthorized users away from the wp-admin login form.

When students finish this course, they will have a powerful WordPress programming skill that most developers do not have and trust me, this looks amazing to other programmers and on your resume.

What are the requirements?

Basic WordPress theme or plugin programming

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 31 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
Create a powerful WordPress website by utilizing popular WordPress APIs
Restrict the WordPress back end menu item from any group of users
Modify content from posts and pages on the fly
Add links and new menus to the WordPress admin bar
Hide certain dashboard widgets from any user
Add new fields to user profile pages and save them automatically when the user submits their information.
Learn how to leverage over 12 powerful WordPress hooks through your theme and plugins and how to leverage them to manipulate WordPress without editing the core
How to add, update and delete WordPress meta data without one line of MySQL
Create new thumbnail sizes and access them from the WordPress media manager and your themes
Display messages to other administrators, writers, editors and contributors in the WordPress back
Secure your WordPress back end by redirecting unauthorized users back to the home page preventing even hackers can break in with brute force attacks
Creating your own WordPress dashboard widgets from scratch
Store persistent data in the WordPress database through transients using the Transients API

What is the target audience?

Anyone interested in becoming a more powerful WordPress developer
Any WordPress admin with a minimal knowledge of PHP
Programmers wanting to expand their plugin programming expertise

Section 1: Introduction and Coding For Modifying Posts & Users In Your Theme or Plugin
Lecture 1 Thank You For Enrolling In This Course 00:28
Lecture 2 Changing Capitalization in Posts and Pages On The Fly With Filter Hooks 03:25
Scenario: What if you or your client’s website needs to correct the spelling of your company name? Every time they type a company name, they forget to capitalize the name of the company. For branding purposes, it is important to capitalize the name of the company.

In this video tutorial, we sh


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