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Ajit Nawalkha – Beyond


Published on: December 14, 2020
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How did Ellen DeGeneres manage to become incredibly successful AND steadily increase the level of success over the course of 4 decades?

Why does everyone know Richard Branson and his Virgin empire that spans across vastly unrelated industries like music and travel?

And what is the secret behind these brands that allows them to create not just an incredible income and revenue, but a sustainable, memorable business with raving fans and customers who stay loyal for life?

You might think that it?s because they have hundreds of employees or tens of thousands of dollars to spend on marketing?

Or you might think they?ve been around for a long time?

But it?s not either of those things because we all start at zero (don?t forget that!).

And it?s also not about WHAT they?re selling because there?ve always been thousands of other talk shows, airline or record stores in the marketplace.

Want to know the REAL secret behind the long-term success of people like Ellen DeGeneres and Richard Branson?

They know how to leverage their unique personality.

I call this the Personality Positioning Architecture system. Or PPA, for short.

The ?Personality Positioning Architecture? allows people like Ellen and Richard Branson to?

stand out and be memorable in the marketplace create a high level of likeability and truly connect with their audience achieve long-term sustainable success (think decades instead of months or years) and much more!

Before you panic and start to grapple with a gazillion questions like

?What the heck is Personality Positioning Architecture??,

?Why am I not using it yet?? and

?How on earth am I supposed to become the next authority in my industry?!?,

Let me give you some peace of mind right away?

I?ll explain how and why you need to establish your authority by using Personality Positioning Architecture in a second, but here?s the crucial truth you need to understand first:

You ALREADY HAVE an amazing, unique, and irresistible personality.

YOU are your most valuable asset

And if you want to truly move forward with your coaching business, if your goal is to create deep levels of impact and influence, and do all of this in a way that feels good and in alignment with who you truly are, then all you need is this:

A powerful way to leverage your personality so you can build a formidable, authentic brand and marketing around it.

So far so good. Now let?s go a step deeper and look at the WHY ? the substance behind all of that.

Because it?s easy for me to just tell you that Personality Positioning Architecture is a ?must-have? for your marketing and coaching business and that it?s the key to your long-term success and all of that. But since this topic is so powerful and pivotal (and most marketing experts or gurus don?t even tell you about it), I want to make the WHY super clear for you.


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