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Alain de Raymond – Learn the Dutch language learn Dutch online to talk & write


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Start learning Dutch online to understand the beautiful language of the Netherlands. Learn Dutch words and Dutch phrases
Learn Dutch ? one of English?s closest languages!
Want to start learning the Dutch language online? Or a language that?s easy to learn? Or just want to learn languages? Perfect! In this Dutch course, we start from zero.

What are you about to learn?
With the Dutch pronunciation lessons, you?ll learn how to speak Dutch, how to write, how to listen and how to read the Dutch language. You?ll learn words, you?ll learn verbs and how to use them in everyday conversations. Also, you?ll see tips on how to learn Dutch.
How are you going to learn Dutch?
You?ll start with basic words and basic grammar. Then, we?ll steadily see more and more Dutch. A part of the courses? videos will be given in Dutch, especially at the end. You?ll do exercises and quizzes for each part of the grammar, to ensure you?ll understand Dutch well.
Free ebook
To help you in the Dutch lessons, there?s a free ebook inside that gives the summary of all the videos, plus all the exercises within the course.
Learn Dutch or Flemish?
In the Dutch lessons, we?ll see Dutch with the Flemish accent. Written, it?s the same. The language spoken in Netherlands is similar.


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