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Alan Gibson – Beginning Wing Chun Why Wing Chun Works


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This latest instructional video from Alan Gibson introduces the viewer to the basic structures, training methods and ideas of the Wing Chun system. All the exercises are fully explained to aid practice and understanding.

It includes training in the stance, stepping, punching, kicking, reflex training, entering and retreating, as well as Pak Sao, Lap Sao, Dan Chi Sao, Rolling Hands, Sticking Hands and Lat Sau Chung (the springy force of Wing Chun).

The perfect film for beginners or for curious martial artists from other styles.

The video takes you through the beginning levels of the Wing Chun Federation?s curriculum. The Wing Chun Federation – formed in 1990 by Alan – maintains a non-political standpoint and is primarily concerned with the teaching of quality kung-fu. Its objective is to teach Wing Chun in a relaxed and accessible manner, where emphasis is placed on good technique and personal development rather than violence and aggression. Wing Chun can be simply learned by commitment and patience – age, sex or physical size are of no consequence, and a high level of proficiency can be obtained quickly and with ease.

Alan Gibson, has been training in the martial arts since 1980. He became a student of Wing Chun in 1984 after several years in GoJu Ryu Karate. He is a graduate of King Alfred?s University College, Winchester where he majored in Sports and Business Studies. Gibson learned his Wing Chun initially in his home town of Southampton, before traveling to Hong Kong to further his studies with Yip Chun. Since 1999 he has been a firm devotee of the ?Wong Shun Leung Way? and is closely affiliated to David Peterson, principal instructor of the ?Melbourne Chinese Martial Arts Club? (MCMAC) in Australia.

Gibson is probably best known as the author of his popular instructional books including Beginning Wing Chun (formerly Why Wing Chun Works), Simple Thinking: Intelligent Fighters and The Wing Chun Forms: Combat Textbooks. These books are known internationally, with publishing rights being sold as far afield as Germany and Russia. He is also a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in many journals, including Combat, Martial Arts Illustrated, Ging Wing Chun, Kung-Fu Secrets, The Society Of Martial Arts and Loaded. Gibson is currently working on the continuing production of a comprehensive series of instructional videos and books .

Gibson has lectured for Southampton University on his Coaching Philosophy and is also well known on the seminar circuit. He is always happy to demonstrate his ideas and training methods to other groups (both Wing Chun and others) when invited to do so. He demonstrated at the First World Wing Chun Conference in Hong Kong in 1999. He continues to forge links with like-minded martial artists both in the UK and around the rest of the world.

Alan Gibson now trains in the Wong Shun Leung method of Wing Chun (Under David Peterson), which his books and videos reflect.


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