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Alan Weiss – Framed |Copywriting & Consulting Related Business


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Million Dollar Consultants require critical thinking skills. What are critical thinking skills? I believe they are finite, learnable, and must be integrated no less than a great athlete?s ?natural? swing, and one of the most underestimated, misunderstood, and underutilized is what I call ?Framing.?

In an honest-to-goodness case of responding to popular demand, a dozen people in my inner circle requested I devote a full day to the subject, in the wake of two very popular CDs I?ve recorded over the years.

This is the first (and probably last time in the US) occasion for such a program. You will learn:

? How to quickly determine whether you are facing an opportunity, problem, decision, or plan.

? How to quickly summarize and paraphrase a someone else?s narrative and convert and redirect it to meet your own objectives.

? How to increase your discretionary time and reduce labor intensity by a factor of 50% through rapid diagnosis of situations.

? How to move from cognitive insight to behavioral intervention rapidly and seamlessly.

? How to use ?instant examples? and stories to capture attention and interest.

? How to organize the worst, most disorganized, embarrassing space you own?your thinking process.

? How to create and apply wisdom without losing it in knowledge (which itself can be lost in information).

? How to immediately set priority, ranging from diving in to running away.

We?ll use extensive practice on case studies and your own, actual situations; role plays in the ?hot seat?; job aids that are created for your particular practice; and rapid-fire tests in a safe environment.

When you are able to frame well and quickly, you direct attention to the picture within. Right now, too many people are looking at the wall, and not your picture! Join us for an entertaining and lively 1.5 days, and you?ll leave with your cognitive world swept up and cleaned, and your ability to direct and persuade others representing a powerful new skill set.

All participants will receive the Framing CD and preparation work.

How can I promise so much? Because it?s all in your head!


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