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Alan Weiss – The Art of the Referral Workshop Home Study


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Based on my brand new ebook, Million Dollar Referrals, and my globally popular teleconferences on the subject, I?m conducting The Art of the Referral to enable to you:

Create ongoing, unsolicited referrals from existing clients.
Create ongoing, unsolicited referrals from non-clients.
Comfortably and confidently request referrals.
Follow up assertively on promised referrals.
Profile and stipulate your ideal referrals.
Use the proper language to convince referral sources to actively engage.
Practice with your actual referral sources with the group.
Record what you and others do well to replicate it.
Ask for specific guidance in your industry, geography, client base, etc.
One successful referral and you pay for this program ten times over. But we?re aiming for ten times the referrals you currently receive. Stop losing half your business by never asking for it!


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