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Alex Becker – The Black File


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The Advertising ?Black File?

The ?Black File? is a 6 week online program which sole goal is brutal mastery of paid advertising and scaling with extensive focus on HOW to make advertising traffic convert. .

Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the first phases of the program which begin by showing you the overall process and getting you started building your advertising system and incorporating it into your business. The final phases will be delivered to you physically in a flash drive

This program is designed for a person with an existing business that understands the basics of paid advertising. The ?Black File? breaks down how to go from basic advertising to mass scaled 5 figure a day advertising PROFITABLY and the right way to structure your business/offers to finally allow your business to stop playing in the ?pond? of limited Facebook traffic and start tapping into the OCEAN that is mass traffic.

Phase 1: Structuring Front End Offer

The first step to achieving mass scaled advertising is knowing how to use front end offers to pay for ad costs and deliver a 3-5x ROI as a bonus. With a properly structured high converting front end offer you can literally spends 10s of thousands to even hundreds of thousands a day growing your business and customer for free or even at a substantial profit.

Imagine being able to get 2,000-3,000 new targeted email leads a day at no cost. In fact imagine being able to get that amount of new customers daily and get paid for it.

THIS is what phase 1 is all about. You will learn

-The exact type of offers to sell as your front end

-The exact landing pages and ads to use to get extremely high opt in rates

-My exact step by step copy and paste cold traffic sales templates that work in any niche

-My slides template in a fill in the blank format that actually converts (I use it myself with every new pitch)

-How to test your offer before cold traffic and constantly improve it

-How to convert cold traffic LONG TERM and create offers that can scale for years

-The exact funnels I use to double the sales of my offers blueprinted for your personal use

Phase 2: Mass Advertising

Now that we have a CORRECTLY structured front end system to collect leads profitably it is time to connect it to mass traffic. In this phase you will see how to systematically use data collected from Facebook and Adswords to scale campaigns to 5 figures a day at a ROI in literal days.

Yes. Literal days. The typical results we get when taking our perfected front end offers to paid traffic is 10k-20k a day within the first few days. We can do this because we have the exact targeting and scaling strategy blueprinted. You are getting this entire blueprint.

You will learn

-First and foremost my exact ad targeting and how I use each platform. We will literally go inside my ad accounts and review $5,000-$12,000 3-5x ROI campaigns in their entirety

-How to write ads that keep CPL low and match them with landing pages based on the platform and how the traffic behaves

-Delivering results we need to keep clients AND get them sharing our business

-Step by step how always get a client results with simple beginner friendly tactics

Week Three: Cloning Offers

The easiest way to grow your traffic is NOT pushing Facebook and Adwords to it’s limits with a offer that is resisting scale. The key is creating ne


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