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Alex Class – The Sweet Talker – How We Made 5K/mo Our First Month Offline – Web Video Guide WSO


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The sales copy of this product suggests a strategies to sell SEO services to offline business owners without selling. The product is delivered as a 34 page PDF document. Before we get to far into this product, you should be warned that it is about cold calling. Cold calling is down at the bottom of my list with spiders and spinach. Success come in 3 steps: identify low hanging fruit, get to the decision maker (past the gatekeeper) and then to have a solid closing strategy. One without the other and your sales are near zero.

The guide lays out several strategies for getting past the gatekeeper. Some of the strategies are considered a bit ‘sneaky’ and my not be to everyone’s liking. Not blackhat or dishonest, but certainly not transparent. One approach is certainly a direct approach to say the least.

The 2nd section of this guide is on how to overcome objections. The authors break down objections into 3 categories: objections to the pitch, lack of understanding (what are you selling and how would it benefit me) and loss of train of thought by the prospect. The guide goes into a series of common mistakes when cold calling. The end of the product is about closing the deal and then the are of the upsell.

Summary: For the price, this is a pretty decent product. For master cold callers, there is little value here. If you have failed at cold calling or have not even attmempted it yet, then this could be a good starting point. This product is about how to sell SEO services. No detail about what to offer, how to price or how to implement a SEO services, but in theory, how to get customers for this service. SEO can be a tough sell. I have been doing offline marketing for over 2 years and MOST business owners have been offered SEO services. This guide has enough information to help get someone started cold calling to get more business.


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