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Amanda Bond – The StrADegy System


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Explode Your Audience.

Automate Your Results.


The StrADegy System is the ultimate course for entrepreneurs who want to create scalable, predictable revenue with Facebook ads.

Inside the program, we’re combining foundational sales psychology with high-level Facebook wizardry?and amping it all up with accountability, expert support, and live access.

When you join The StrADegy System, you get instant access to?

My signature process for creating Facebook ads that generate leads and sales on autopilot
The exact system me and my clients use to run ads for 7-figure businesses, 6-figure launches, and 5-figure programs?and I’m handing it all over to you
Tech trainings, metrics calculators, step-by-step SOPs, and hands-on support?and the confidence that this system is going to work over and over again

Here’s how it breaks down?

In just three months, we’re going to turn your Facebook ads into a selling machine. A machine that closes sales, generates leads, and explodes your audience?on autopilot.


The StrADegy System

Your approach to paid ads needs a reboot. So we’re kicking off this party with a deep-dive into the fundamentals of The StrADegy System. Learn why your hit-it-and-quit-it ads aren’t working and how dynamic ad sequences will amplify your audience, your offers, and your revenue. Also important: learn how to avoid common ad roadblocks, money mindset pits, and shiny objects (like unicorn $0.50 leads).


The StrADegy System

This is the meat-and-potatoes of this program, where you’ll learn how to measure the metrics that really matter (hint: they’re not what you think they are), how to create a start-to-finish customer journey (this is about wayyyyyy more than lead gen), how to implement the ish out of your funnel (while wasting zero time), and how to measure your results (with real-time, data-driven feedback from the Facebook gods).


The StrADegy System

Once you’ve implemented your first campaign? A whole new world opens up?because you’ve finally cracked the code to the Facebook ATM. Now it’s time to mastermind with other students inside the private support group, scale up your campaigns without blinking an eye, and maybe even get to work on that second funnel. Sky’s the limit, baby.

Milestone Zero:

The Foundations Phase – ditch the ads strategy overwhelm and lay the groundwork for massive success.

Zero in on the perfect offer to amplify with The StrADegy System (once you’ve nailed your signature offer, you can circle back and apply the system to your other offers)
Get crystal clear on your sales process so you can stop wasting time on ad strategies that don’t align with your business model
Come face-to-face with your ?ADmotions? and deal with the money mindset BS that comes up when you start investing into ads like a boss
Get your campaigns on the calendar so you can start getting results?and cashing in on that ROI, baby
Learn why most businesses? Facebook ads fail (and how you can SMASH the roadblocks that keep others from succeeding)

Milestone One:

The Close Phase – ramp


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