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Analytics for All: Beginners to Experts (2015)


Published on: December 14, 2020
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01 Agenda

02 The analytics learning kit

03 Simple speak What is analytics

04 MS Excel Offload your work

05 Data Cleaning

06 Organizing data in Excel

07 Using Excel as a decision tool

08 writing smart Functions in Excel

09 Segmenting Data in Excel

10 Why create reports the tedious way

11 Showcasing your data with Excel

12 Case Study

13 Advanced Excel VBA MACROS – The A, B, Cs

14 Grammar

15 Learn more with hands-on Introducing the platform to write and automate

16 Small exercises to connect our learning so far

17 Implementation on a case study

18 Functions and Events can also be customised

19 Analytics

20 Hypothesis Testing How to prove something wrong

21 Linear regression Lines and dots

22 Logistic Regression

23 Titanic Case Study – Logistic Regression

24 Cluster analysis

25 Factor analysis Behind the scenes

26 Tips and tricks on Analytics – Do more than you thought you could

27 Case studies Real life data to test your brand new skills

28 R Getting Started

29 Advance Operations in R

30 R Section Task and Codes

31 Getting Started SAS

32 Data Understanding

33 Applying Conditions

34 Combining datasets

35 How to count in SAS

36 Getting SAS to do the math Mean, Median, etc

37 Save your results in different file formats

38 How to Export your data in different file formats

39 Functions Getting SAS to do the heavy lifting

40 Loops Why re-do

41 How to Make good Looking reports

42 Automating your projects

43 How to write SQL queries in SAS

44 Understand what the data wants to tell you

45 Case Studies

46 Fun with Data- Test your skills

47 Make Sense of Data

48 DATA CHALLENGE 1 – Work That Data

49 Case Study with solution


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