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Andre Chaperon – Email Marketing Masters


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Introducing Email Marketing Masters The Only Course on Email Marketing You?ll Ever Need

This course walks you through how to set up and run a full e-mail marketing system.

You will automatically deliver laser-targeted emails packed with so much tension, your list will go crazy with desire to buy from you.

In module 1 you?ll learn all about the AutoResponder Madness (ARM), Andre?s signature course. Inside you?ll see:

  •     How to automatically deliver the right email to the right person at the right time, so you can boost your revenue whenever you desire
  •     The secret of staying relevant to every subscriber on your list
  •     How tiny little email lists can seriously outperform 6-figure monster lists, humiliating your older, more established competitors
  •     What?s the Soap Opera Sequence, and why it?s responsible for steady streams of sales for thousands of happy business owners
  •     The Product Launch Sequence that gets you extra revenue on demand if you?re using this system, any time you need quick cash
  •     Real-life case studies of successful ARM email systems and the exact way they?re set up
  •     And more



Module 2 starts the more in-depth tour into this system, giving you a big picture strategy:

  •     How to start using this email system to make sales on demand
  •     How to produce high-performing emails even if you hate writing and have ZERO experience doing it
  •     Get an insider?s? view of both the Soap Opera Sequence and the Product Launch Sequence and learn how to use them to maximize sales
  •     Repel freebie seekers, while attracting highly qualified leads with this unique philosophy rarely taught anywhere else



Module 3 will help you deeply understand your subscribers, so you can almost read their mind and influence their behavior at will:

  •     The tools you need to connect with your customers on a deep, emotional level so you can write them impactful, persuasive emails
  •     How to identify the emotional hot buttons of your leads so you can use and abuse them when necessary
  •     Get Andre?s Empathy Map system that helps you make your offer irresistible in your buyer?s eyes
  •     Learn to write this unique kind of email that looks nothing like a sales pitch, yet does a better job converting than anything else



Module 4 gets you writing your first irresistible, open loop infused emails so you can get the sales rolling in:

  •     Use what you?ve learned and start cranking out emails with tension, drama, and relief that gets them to buy from you
  •     The game-changing secret of delivering results in advance
  •     How to develop a great hook, and craft an engaging email story with ZERO creativity, without risking jail time
  •     Add layers of conflict through a relatable hero and a familiar villain in your story


After Module 4, you?ll have your first automatic email sequence ready to get you consistent results over time.


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