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Andre Chaperon & Steve Grey – Tiny Little Businesses


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Tiny Little Businesses is based on rock solid marketing fundamentals and creating business assets.

If you are looking for the next ?flash-in-the-pan? money maker … this isn’t for you.

Here are the lessons you’ll receive…

Lesson 1: Generate Ideas & Validate Chosen Markets
Lesson 2: Profile The Market & Competition
Lesson 3: Deep Target Audience Analysis
Lesson 4: Create Avatar & Empathy Map
Lesson 5: Develop Your USP & Hook
Lesson 6: Match Your Solution to Your Target Audience
Lesson 7: Outline Your Sales Funnel
Lesson 8: The Classic Squeeze
Lesson 9: Presells
Lesson 10: Email Marketing (The Big Picture)
Lesson 11: Create Your Initial Email Followup Sequence (SOS)
Lesson 12: Setup Your Site: Registration, Hosting, Configuration
Lesson 13: Upload, Configure & Format Your Sales Funnel
Lesson 14: Setup Tracking
Lesson 15: Driving Traffic to Validate Your TLB
Lesson 16: Traffic Generation – Bing & Yahoo!
Lesson 17: Traffic Generation – Facebook
Lesson 18: Review & Optimize Your Results
Lesson 19: Traffic Generation – Solo Ads
Lesson 20: Traffic Generation – Media Buys
Lesson 21: Review & Optimize Your Results – Round 2
Lesson 22: Live Case Study (Part 1)
Lesson 23: Live Case Study (Part 2)
Lesson 24: Live Case Study (Part 3)
Lesson 25: Live Case Study (Part 4)


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