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Andrea Holland & Sarah Elder – PRTraction Coaching Program (Building Authority 2017)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Let us ask you a few questions: Is your business only making enough to pay the bills? Do you worry often about losing clients? Are you not getting the types of customers, clients, students, etc., that you want? Are you watching your competitors get headline news, when you know your product is just as good, if not better? Have you heard that media attention can help you grow your business, but are not sure how it works? Do you believe that only PR people can work with editors, reporters, publications? Do you want to? Get mainstream press exposure without hiring an expensive 5-figure/month PR agency? Have qualified hot leads coming to you, while you travel, relax with your friends/family? Get exposure for your brand or company with an audience of tens of thousands of people? Bring in qualified leads that turn into more money for you? Watch your company be consistently called on by the media? Get featured in your industry’s top trade publication? Trade in months of blogging for a couple of articles in publications with 10X the readership? Imagine what it would be like to: Become a respected authority with established credibility in your space. Have your name be synonymous with your industry and be the go-to source. Share your original content with audiences of thousands, without it being a second full time job. Become more accessible to your potential customers See direct leads from your writing and get massive results from the content produced. Have media calling you on a regular basis as a commentator, opinion maker, trend-setter, and respected voice in your field? See your website flooded with traffic everyday Wake up to sales? See your name on the front page of a widely circulated newspaper, magazine or blog?


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