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Andrea Holland & Sarah Elder – PRTraction Coaching Program


Published on: December 10, 2020
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We help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and consultants build authority and credibility without the high price of retaining a PR firm.

We take clients through a 6-week PR coaching program. Each week is full of tips and knowledge to guide you through your larger strategy and focus on what you need to do to leverage existing audiences, share your message and turn readers into results.





We are Andrea and Sarah. We met as kids in elementary school and ran against each other for student council. We also ran against each other in track. Looking back, we were ambitious kids that turned into ambitious entrepreneurs. In between high school and our early 30’s, we both spent years at our corporate jobs. Day in and day out, unhappy and disheartened, that everyone around us was literally, coming into work to simply “put in their time, to retire.”

Andrea had spent 8 years working for large global PR firms in San Francisco and New York. She was making a great living, living in fantastic cities, getting the opportunity to travel all over the world. But, the stress. The time. All to just retire and then be able to enjoy life? No thanks. She quit.

She didn’t have a clear idea of what she wanted to do next, so she looked for guidance by embarking on Project Getaway. It was a three-month entrepreneurship program in Southeast Asia. She began coaching small business owners on how to share their stories with media and started her own PR consultancy when she returned to the states.

Sarah’s path was not that different. After nearly a decade in journalism and working for large corporate PR firms, her dreams of freedom to be her own boss were keeping her up at night. They weren’t even dreams, they were nightmares. She was miserable. Close friends encouraged her to “live the life she desired,” but she feared not having money, not having work, not knowing how to do it on her own. The constant worrying was worse than doing nothing, so she set up a couple freelance jobs and eased her way out.

Andrea’s business was thriving and Sarah was working alongside new clients she was actually excited about. And more importantly, they both had the freedom to work when and where they wanted. Andrea’s firm focused mainly on early stage B2C startups in the tech space, while Sarah supported large Fortune 500 companies.

But it was during lunch one day, talking about their new ventures they discovered they were getting asked the same questions by the same types of people about gaining media exposure. Entrepreneurs and consultants wanted a piece of the PR-pie, yet they had no idea where to start, they didn’t have $10k a month to pay an agency nor did they need all the fixings that come with a comprehensive media program.

They decided to start coaching on the ins and outs of the media to accommodate entrepreneurs desiring a small start to serve their big business goals and secure media coverage.






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