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Andrew Fox – Dominating Adsense Course


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Andrew Fox has launched ?Dominating Adsense?, a step-by-step blueprint video tutorial system showing how to create Adsense optimized websites.

Dominating Adsense sales letter title is:

?After several months of ?underground development?… the BEST step -by-step video tutorial system on how to really Dominate Adsense is unleashed…

Finally! A Step-by-Step Blueprint Video Tutorial System Showing YOU How To Create Adsense Optimized Websites That SUCK in Traffic Like Crazy, Drive Your Adsense Earnings Trough The Roof – And Won’t Get You Banned From The Search Engines!

Your about to videoover THE system for creating ongoing STABLE adsense revenue websites and..

You WON’T need any expensive software

You WON’T need to trick the search engines and always be trying to win a losing battle…

You WON’T need bucket loads of money or be a genius…

You just need to be willing to follow a REAL Actionable plan and be willing to work and complete each step… ?

Features and Benefits

The sales letter has listed the features and benefits of Dominating Adsense. The learnings from the multimedia course include:

– ?How to create REAL CONTENT, adsense optimized websites quickly and efficiently without doing ANY of the work yourself

– Where to buy traffic for up to TEN times cheaper than people bidding on GoogleTM Adwords and YahooTM search marketing are.. (Video Tutorial xxx 2min 2 secs)

– Why using ?lead pages? wth Google Adsense can reduce your advertising costs by 80% or in some cases actually generate more revenue!

– My secret source (which I have not told ANYONE about) to get cheap quality traffic, send to a page with adsense on it and actually make more money than the advertising costs, build a list at the same time and sell a product. VERY advanced but simple when you know how.

– Why it is CRITICAL to use the right selection of colors with Google Adsense. This live video demonstration will SHOW YOU real life successful websites and show you how you can do the same

– How to use blogs CORRECTLY to get the search engines to sit up and take notice while giving you lots of incoming links to your websites.

– The software you can use to see EXACTLY what ads in your adsense displays are being clicked on. This way you can customize the page to these ads and earn more money?

Multimedia Course Contents

– Multimedia Element #1 – Section A (Value $2997)

– – Seventeen Jam Packed Video Tutorials lasting over 3 hours spread over 2 Full Audio ROMS

– – – Video Tutorial #1 – Introduction on how you are going to create your search engine optimized website and making money from adsense

– – – Video Tutorial #2 – Different ways of finding GOOD content for your website and an excellent FREE software tool you can use.

– – – Video Tutorial #3 – Locating KILLER Websites templates for just pennies on the dollar

– – – Video Tutorial #4 – Putting your Search Engine Optimization Into Overdrive.

– – – Video Tutorial #5 – Inserting Content onto your website and how to integrate Google Adsense with it.

– – – Video Tutorial #6 – How To Set Up Your Blog the CORRECT way to attract the search engines and make them index your website like crazy

– – – Video Tutorial #7 – Setting up internal linking within your website to give your website a ?search engine? boost and works extremely well.

– – – Video Tutorial #8 – What your ?site map? page is, how to create it and why its very important.

– – – Video Tutorial #9 – How to upload your optimized website to the Internet

– – – Video Tutorial #10 – Using FREE announcement article and PR services to kick start your traffic immediately

– – – Video Tutorial #11 – How to post on your blog and how often to attract the search engines BUT not aggravate them – there can be a fine line

– Multimedia Element #1 – Section B

– – – Video Tutorial # 12- Which Private label content websites you should join and how to use these articles to make money with Google Adsense

– – – Video Tutorial # 13- How to Outsource (get other people to create content for you) using services like

– – – Video Tutorial # 14- How to Choose from your results of elance and get the best possible content writer

– – – Video Tutorial # 15- How to set up ?Google Adsense Landing Pages? and recycle the traffic to quadruple your earnings

– – – Video Tutorial # 16 – How to leverage Google Adsense to pay for your advertising, help you sell your own products, build an opt in list and make repeat money from the list

– – – Video Tutorial # 17- How register your domain and get a Google Adsense account set up

– Multimedia Element #2 – ?Fill in the Blanks? interactive workbooks for the videos (Value $397)

– Multimedia Element #3 – A Private Brand New 60 minute audio interview with Joel Comm who rakes in $15,000++ per month in STEADY Adsense earnings. (Value $497)

– Multimedia Element #4 – 10 Fully Customizable ?Search Engine Ready? Adsense Optimized Websites (Value $997?


The cost of Dominating Adsense is: $277

This is the special launch price for 72 hours.

?For 72 hours after the launch time of Tuesday 16th May , 9AM the price is just $277. As soon as 72 hours is up the price rises immediately!?


Dominating Adsense comes with two bonuses.

– Free Bonus 1 – Copy of my new DominatingClickbank .com product (Removed 72 hour’s after launch) (value $97)

– Free Bonus 2 – A copy of Mike Galespies ?Mega Net marketing? course (Value $189)


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