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Andrew Fox & Peter Parks – 634k Method


Published on: December 10, 2020
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From Andrew Fox & Peter Parks –

Tuesday 20th January 2015 and I’m catching up on some ‘book keeping’.
In fact I’m a little behind..

I do this once a year and break down numbers from a few businesses…
When you generate multi millions from multiple companies each year you like to break down and see where the money is coming from.
You scale whats working…
…And dump the “dead wood”

I could show you multiple more screen shots from other companies but you get the point.
I’m a money making machine
So as I begun this process I had to double check my numbers
“That can’t be right…”
But surely as I carried out the ‘financial autopsy’ it seemed….

While everybody around me was doing webinars and crying..
“Low attendance”
“Poor Conversions”
And high refund rates

….We were actually doing the POLAR opposite and making serious bank.

In fact every time we implemented this new model, it was smashing $10,000’s ever single time attracting customers that loved us.

The most bizarre bit…

If you’re not getting the results you want.. It’s not sex that’s usually the problemit’s just you’re not doing it right!

In fact as I dissected what we were doing different from everyone else I began to see pattern of why so many failed

…While we kept crushing it to the bank every time

– If you don’t attract the right leads you’re in for a world of hurt. Webinar registrations mean nothing – quality does.

If someone listens to you for 60 minutes your prices should be at least $297. We typically sell around $2000 with great results.

If the product you’re offering is of poor quality it is going to show. You need to have a quality offer that does what it says on the tin.

When product owners are throwing the kitchen sink at attendees to buy. Get this x,y and z bonus. If your core offering is good enough you don’t need any of these “tricks” and ultimately it can lead to your downfall

One of the key secrets to a successful webinar campaign is how you warm up your leads and webinar registrations PRIOR to the webinar. I’ve spied and studied many marketers pre launches sequences and they are terrible.

On the call you will get PRICELESS data and questions from your audience that is crucial to your follow up series. Many product vendors shy away from this . A great sales man will always LISTEN to his audiences objections and over come them.

Using the “Exposure” model I teach the follow up is so critical to ensuring maximum sales. Again people just think a simple deadline and “buy now” is enough – it’s not – and when you adopt my methods you’ll see an amazing transformation..

I’m going to show you exact “5 part” part process I use everything to run our webinar process from “A – Z”

This is where you specifically dial in to your product for service.
For example if you have a video service you do not want to target an SEO list. Granted there is a certain amount of “Cross over” within Internet Marketing.
But the tighter you dial in, to your “market within the market” your results will increase exponentially.
Once you have established that you need to “get the traffic”
You have 3 main sources of “getting the traffic”
1) JV partners

2) Buy the Traffic
3) Integrate your webinar into the backend of the product launch


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