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Andrew Hunter – PayPal Ice Time


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Learn The Exact Strategies The Guru?s Use To Ensure Their PayPal Account Remains Active And Ready To Accept Sales At All Times
Dear PayPal User, I?m sure you have heard the horror stories of many internet marketers having their PayPal accounts ?Limited? and even ?Suspended?. Some entrepreneurs lost access to tens of thousands of hard earned dollars ? locked up by PayPal for months on end. If you are anything like me, then I?m sure it sends shivers down your spine just to think that in a moment?s notice all of your existing cash sitting in PayPal could become inaccessible at any time. And yet many marketers, including the Internet Marketing ?Guru?s? continue to use PayPal with great success. So the question is?
How The Heck Do They Sell So Much Stuff Using PayPal Without Breaking A Sweat And Raising Any Red Flags With PayPal?
Of course with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture from IKEA and tried to assemble it? You?d be lost without the instructions. Same thing goes with using PayPal. It?s PayPal?s rink and it?s their rules.


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