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Andy Yosha Moore – Daygame Immersion


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Hey guys, in a week or so launches its biggest product since Daygame Blueprint. Lets all rally behind this one:

?Hey mate,

(?) Welcome to Daygame Immersion.

For 7 days, we had a residential bootcamp with 6 guys.

Guys from ALL walks of life.

And we captured EVERYTHING.

No, not just them approaching.

But the Daygame Godfather YAD actually teaching them everything and tweaking their game.

There?s so much that happened over those 7 days that I can?t even begin to tell you the amazingness that we witnessed and got on camera.

It simply won?t do it justice.

So starting next week, I?m going to peel the curtain back on this GIANT product. (?)

Speak soon,

Andy ?Yosha? Moore


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