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Anneke Camstra – Animation for Beginners (1): Explaindio3 Animation Start


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Learn Explaindio 3 by doing projects, easy, fast and fun

Explaindio 3 is the most allround and the most affordable animation software in 2016.

This course will help you start with Explaindio 3 in the easiest way.

The program can work with

whiteboard animation
animated figures
live video
text animations
more than 1object animations at the same time
and even 3D animation

Animation for Beginners (1): Explaindio3 Animation Start, is the first part of a series of animation courses.

Animation for Beginners (2): Explaindio3 Animation Projects

Animation for Beginners (3): Powtoon Animation Templates

Animation for Beginners (4): Add your Voice to Animation

Animation for Beginners (5): Outsourcing Animation on Budget

The courses are based on Learning by Doing, the teacher challenges you to start making animations , and shows you in over the shoulder video?s how to do that.

No theory, just practice in a friendly and encouraging environment


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