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Anthony Robbins – Ultimate Edge


Published on: December 14, 2020
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A: Tony recommends the following:

Step 1:

Listen to Day 1 of Get the Edge!? to orient yourself to the entire program and to start making Your Hour of Power a part of your daily experience.

Step 2:

Listen to all 7 days of Personal Power? Classic. This audio program will give you the foundational principles for identifying what it is you really want, breaking through barriers to achieving it, and most importantly, starting the process of conditioning your mind and body for maximum results.

Step 3:

Listen to days 2-7 of Get the Edge!? to complete a deeper process of transformation in the following areas: replace habits that don’t serve you with those that empower you, create outstanding relationships, maximize your health and energy, take control of your emotions, master your finances, and discover your life’s purpose.


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