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Appsumo – Adwords Success Formula


Published on: December 9, 2020
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10 steps for advertising with Google AdWords that will help you attract a steady stream of new customers.

Phil Frost reveals 6 years’ worth of strategies gained after managing more than $5 million in Google AdWords advertising… pay attention if you care about getting new customers!


Phil walks you through every part of the Google AdWords planning process, which comes with the Ad Planner Template to easily determine what your marketing budget should be, and what key metrics you should be watching so you can launch your advertising with clarity and confidence.

Identify who your ideal customer is
Uncover the exact words people are using to find your business
How to ?spy? on your competitors to identify keywords they’re advertising
How to block keywords to avoid paying for irrelevant, wasteful clicks

How to differentiate your company from all of your competitors
Create a solid USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so that you’re the obvious choice for your prospects
Examples of good and bad USP’s, and how to craft your own magnetic marketing message using the USP Template

Learn how to get people to take action right now, as opposed to later
Examples of irresistible offers for different types of businesses
Irresistible Offer Template with step-by-step instructions including the core ingredients of a truly irresistible offer

Learn how to create magnetic ads that compel your ideal customer to click
Examples of strong and weak ads
Magnetic Ad Template to help you create magnetic ads quickly and easily
(Quick Tip – If your ad gets clicked more than your competition, you pay less per-click, so this is a pretty important section)

Step 6 – Creating Your Landing Page

How to create effective landing pages that persuade customers to contact you (hint hint: Your landing page is NOT your website’s homepage)
Learn what needs to be included on your landing page
Landing Page Template with all 8 of the critical ingredients of successful landing pages. Just fill in the blanks and customize the template to your business

How to correctly set up both online and offline sales tracking so you can measure the return on investment from your advertising campaign
Tracking Template as well as recommendations for various tracking tools you can use to measure your ROI

The 7 default settings that will simply waste your money
AdWords Setup Checklist – The 9 recommended settings for your campaign

Fine tuning to improve your ROI
Simple optimization adjustments to increase sales AND reduce cost per sale
How to optimize the 3 essentials of your AdWords campaign
Setup simple landing page split-testing

How to continually expand your campaign on, so you find more and more keywords that deliver customers for you
The RIGHT way to advertise on Google’s Display Network
How to setup remarketing – Allowing your ads to ‘follow’ potential customers around the Internet


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