Aslen Claymore – The Warrior She Wants


    Published on: May 27, 2021
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    ATTENTION MEN: Forget the phoney tricks and cheesy lines that make trying to attract women feel shady, and. DISCOVER HOW TO AWAKEN YOUR DORMANT MASCULINITY AND BECOME THE STRONG-MINDED WARRIOR THAT WOMEN FANTASIZE ABOUT. So You Can Stir Deep, Uncontrollable Attraction In Women Without Ever Acting Like A Jerk, Being Overly Aggressive Or Feeling Like You Are Pretending To Be Someone Else From The Desk of: Aslen Claymore Founder Of Rise Of Kings London, UK Soon-to-be fellow Warrior, This whole attraction and seduction thing can be quite the pain, huh? Sadly, as much as us ‘good guys’ want to believe it, niceness just doesn’t get a woman’s hormones going. The ‘good-guy-gets-the-girl-at-the-end’ Hollywood script is first-class B.S. . .and I’d bet you’ve got plenty of first-hand evidence to confirm just how absurd it actually is. But it gets worse, doesn’t it? Because the ‘Internet Gurus’ make it seem like you only have two choices: Pretend to be someone you’re not, act like an asshole and get attention from women. Or, be true to who you are and stay forever stuck in the hated ‘friendzone’. Pretty crappy choices if you ask me. But you see. .there IS another way. And if you give me the chance, in this short letter I’ll show you how you too can stir deep, uncontrollable attraction in women. .WITHOUT EVER acting like a jerk, being overly aggressive or being untrue to yourself. Today, I’ll show you how you too can become an irresistible masculine force that will never have to rely on phoney tricks and cheesy lines to get a woman’s attention. Soon, you’ll be able to feel completely relaxed around even the most intimidating women. Soon, you’ll start to notice women getting more and more aroused with every word you speak. Soon, you’ll watch as women find silly excuses and come up with the craziest plots, just to spend more time around you. Because soon, they will all know you’ve got the one thing they crave above all others: An awakened inner WARRIOR. Sounds like a better choice? Then let’s get to work. Let’s AWAKEN YOUR WARRIOR! FIRST, HERE’S MY PROMISE TO YOU: Look, I’ll be honest with you. Being attractive to women is something I had to learn. I definitely wasn’t born with the natural seductive gifts that some men are fortunate enough to come into this world with. But today, I’m GRATEFUL for this lack of early understanding. .and even for the pain, loneliness and crushing depression I had to go through. Because it was this pain that sent me on the journey that led me to discover what ALL WOMEN are attracted to. .and mastering the art of guiding other men on THEIR journeys towards this same understanding. I’ve been through the hazardous jungle. I’ve mapped out the treacherous terrain. And I’ve created a detailed map of the path to the ultimate power of masculine sexual attraction. So YOU don’t have to go through the pain. So here’s what I want to PROMISE you: Read every word on this page until the very last one. .and you will find the KEYS to awakening your inner masculinity – and becoming a seduction powerhouse so potent, women will be unable to control the urges they’ll feel when around you. You’ll realize exactly where and why you’ve failed to attract women in the past. .and you’ll know with absolute certainty what to do differently next time. You are going to finally understand what women really want and what they are uncontrollably attracted to. .SPOILER ALERT: It’s NOT looks that drives women crazy. IF YOU’VE EVER STRUGGLED TO ATTRACT WOMEN, CHANCES ARE YOUR INNER WARRIOR IS ASLEEP A man with an AWAKENED Warrior is a powerful man – especially when it comes to attracting and seducing women. Because when a man expresses the warrior. .women simply become uncontrollably attracted – they can’t help it. They want to be around him. They feel completely safe and protected in his presence. They become more feminine in his presence (yes, including the bitchiest and mo


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