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Audio Books Made Easy


Published on: December 10, 2020
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So you?ve self-published a book? Now You Can Have More Royalties And Fans On Autopilot By Tapping Into The 1.6+ Billion Dollar Audiobook Industry! Finally start collecting all the royalties and fans you?ve been missing out on by having your own audiobooks produced as quickly as in a single afternoon? even if they used to be ?off limits? because of money or location! Hey fellow author, You?ve already done the hard work of creating a book? So doesn?t it make sense to get it in as many people?s hands as possible and maximize your royalties? I started to realize how silly it was to not have audiobooks after a close friend of mine said she still hadn?t read my book after several months of receiving it. Frustrated that even a close friend wouldn?t read my book, I discovered something interesting? She, like many people, would do her ?reading? on the way to work in her car. That?s when I started to notice just how many people were like her that listen to audiobooks almost exclusively. There?s an entire world of audiobook only listeners who may be hungry for your books. The smartest self-published authors have audiobooks because they realize this is a huge market that?s only getting bigger. Are you ready to join them?? DOWNLOAD


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