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Authentic Man Program – Getting Her World


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Getting Her World is basically 3 programs in one, Karina, Jennifer and Kendra, about 9 hours in total. Originally, we were going to sell each of the 3 programs (Karina, Jennifer, and Kendra) separately. In the end, because we felt it was important for you to see that this works whether you’re single or in a relationship, and with different types of women… so we decided to bundle all three of them together.

What You Get:
– Karina (4.5 hours) – videos & AMP Dojo Online Access
– Getting Her World: Jennifer (2.5 hours) – videos & AMP Dojo Online Access
– Getting Her World: Kendra (2 hours) – videos & AMP Dojo Online Access

Bonus Items:
– The Connection Toolbox: The Top 12 Practices For Deep Connection (PDF Download)
– The Connection RoadMap: The 6 Levels of Conversation (PDF Download)
– Behind the Scenes of GHW with Decker & Garrison (Video Download)
– The “GHW Meditation Practice? Video (Video Download)
– Getting Decker’s World – Interview (MP3 Audio)
– Getting Garrison’s World – Interview (MP3 Audio)
– Getting Bryan’s World – Interview (MP3 Audio)

List of Topics Covered:
In the KARINA program, you’ll learn:
– Why “storytelling? can actually ruin a connection
– The “Heart Melter Question?
– How and when to allow for “full silences?
– The “Calling Her Out? Practice
– How to genuinely compliment a woman without coming off as a supplicating lapdog.
– The “Echo Practice?
– The “Themes Practice?
– How to take a conversation from being simply information exchange, to sharing about US, and how we impact each other
– Decker shares, word-for-word, how he’d meet a girl in a grocery store.
– The difference between Informational, Personal, and Relational conversations, why you need each one, and when to switch gears from one to the next.
– How to stay more personal and avoid the “coach/therapist? dynamic with a woman.
– Why you don’t have to be the “Club Guy? to meet women out at night
– The “Closer/Farther? Game
– The “Sealing the Exits? Practice
– The “Restraint With Resistance? Practice
– The “Identifying Dissonance? Practice
– Learn how to make “clutch choices? yourself
– The “Pre-Deeper-Opening Raving Banshee? Dynamic
– Hear exactly how Decker expresses what he wants with Karina, explicitly, here, and you can bring almost ANY connection back from the “talking ABOUT stuff? place to deeply connected and even more intrigued
– The “Sweaty-Toothed Madman? Scene in Dead Poets Society inspired the game Decker plays with Karina in segment 22, “Listen for the Spark?.
– The “Fire Game?
– The “Frames Game?
– The “Fetish Conversation?

Here’s What You’ll Learn From The JENNIFER PROGRAM:
In contrast with Karina, Jennifer is a completely different creature. In terms of her emotional awareness and capacity for connection, she’s at the level of “AMP Woman?, and she and Decker Go DEEP together, to realms of connection far beyond words…

You’ll discover:
– Conversation that turns you both on
– How and where to touch a woman who’s feeling intense emotions.
– How to instantly tell whether a girl is at ease with her sexuality.
– How you can build trust and deeper connection, by advocating FOR her boundaries
– Decker completely forgets her name. When you see how he handles this in segment 11, you’ll never have to worry about this happening for yourself again.
– Discover the THEME of any conversation
– Learn from Decker’s “mistake? in segment 4, where he “barges? with Jennifer.
– Decker shares word-for-word how he would invite a woman for a short term fling
– Discover the 5 “Flavors of Relating?
– When, how and why you can actually IGNORE what a woman is saying, and have the connection drop deeper
– Discover how to “hold space? for a woman’s deepest emotions.
– How to “bless? a woman’s resistance.
– Embrace


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