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AWAI Masters Program 3.0 for Six Figure Copywriting


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Dear Reader,
The last few years, I?ve gone back to my roots.
By that I mean ? less consulting ? less of the ?business? side of stuff
In short, I wanted to write again.
I wanted to get up at 6 a.m. and write till noon or so ?
Then have the rest of the day to myself.
But before I did, there?s something I did that I haven?t done in quite some time.
I ?revisited? a very powerful resource ? one that was created by some of the great Master Copywriters who?ve had an important influence on my life.

Doing this accomplished two things:
It gave me the confidence and motivation to write more copy ? and better copy ? than I?ve written in my entire career ?
And it further ingrained some very powerful and advanced skills I?m certain only one in a thousand copywriters know about.
Today I want to share that resource with you.Because I wholeheartedly believe it can have a profound and immediate impact on your writing success.
In fact, I?m so sure it will, I?d like you to have it and benefit from it for two years at my risk.

But first, my name is Paul Hollingshead.

I?m one of the Co-Founders of AWAI and a working freelance copywriter.And although I?ve been writing a good deal of copy over the years, I feel the last several have been more dedicated to ?business stuff?: consulting, taking meetings, traveling to clients, finding and hiring other writers, developing marketing strategies, and so on.

Only when the time permitted was I able to work on my own freelance projects. Point is, I felt a little like I?d lost a piece of ?the writer?s life? we talk so much about at AWAI ?You know what I mean ?That special life you can carve out for yourself when you learn this.



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