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AWAI – Masters Program 3.0 for Six Figure Copywriting


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Copy Secrets I?ve Used to Generate 4,328 in Freelance Writing Revenues Over
the Past Two Years ?

We have recently completed the most major overhaul of The Masters Program in its 12-year history.

  • We?ve added dozens of brand-new secrets and selling techniques that are proving to work in today?s fast-changing e-commerce and direct-response marketplace ?
  • We?ve reorganized the flow and sections so it?s easier to follow ? and easier to find a high-level technique when you need it.
  • We?ve put the entire program online ? so there are no big books or binders to lug around ? CDs to store ? and you can access it on your computer, wherever you are, whenever you need it ?
  • We?ve added an entire section on advanced secrets for writing great web copy ? secrets we?ve been quietly gathering over the years while working with some of the greatest web writers and most successful e-commerce companies on the planet ?
  • We?ve added lots of audio and video presentations to make the learning easier and more fun ? and to drive home key points in a much more powerful way ?
  • We?ve added a new section we?re very excited about called ?The Copywriting Masters? ? where we introduce you to over a dozen of our industry?s superstars past and present ? and tell you the impact they had on our industry and what specifically you can learn from their work.
  • And a whole lot more ?

I?ll tell you more about some of the specific resources we?ve added to the ?new and improved Masters v3.0? in a moment ?

Insights From the Greatest Minds in Copywriting

Remember, The Masters Program is not a collection of theories and ideas of one copywriter ? no matter how successful ?

It?s an anthology of the very best market-tested and proven copywriting ideas from some of the best copywriters in the world ? past and present ?

People like Mike Palmer, who?s written countless multimillion-dollar sales promotions for the financial newsletter industry ? including one promotion that?s going to ultimately be responsible for over $1 billion in sales!

People like Bill Bonner, who?s turned his very deep and profound writing and marketing knowledge into a nearly half-billion dollar per year information publishing and marketing firm ?

Mark Ford, who?s knowledge of good writing has helped him launched dozens of multimillion-dollar businesses ? helped to sell more than $10 billion in goods and services through the mail ? and helped make him a millionaire sixty times over in the process.

And these are just a few of the experts.

In just a minute ?

I?ll tell you about the latest industry superstar to contribute his transformational secrets to our Masters Program ? including details on the hottest trend in direct-response marketing today. (In fact, I?m willing to predict that the secrets he?ll share with you on this topic alone could double your income this year ? and for many years to come!)

My point is ?

Having The Masters Program is like having these folks ? and the dozens of all-time great copywriters from every era they?ve studied and emulated from over the years ? right by your side ? feeding you all the crucial secrets that can take your copy, and your career, to the very highest level.

And with The Masters Program v3.0 ? we?ve raised the bar even higher.

Let me tell you a little about it ? and some of the master-level secrets you?ll be learning as you work your way through this fun and exciting program.

First, we?ve divided The Masters Program into six distinct ?Modules? so it?s easier to follow:

Module One


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