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AWAI – Secrets of Writing for the Self – Help Market


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The Only Market That Pays You Six Figures to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE! Imagine? nurturing your body with an amazing super food of the Orient. Toning your muscles and shedding weight with the latest exercise breakthrough. Becoming a better negotiator. Managing stress through meditation. Even teaching parrots how to speak. Or? experimenting with the latest yoga poses for golfers. Learning persuasive speaking skills. Discovering savvy real estate investing secrets. Healing through divine intervention with angels. Exploring feng shui. Using mental push-ups to boost your intelligence. All the while, helping millions of other people enjoy the SAME experiences! This market is HOT – growing at a rapid rate of 7.9% a year – and is estimated to become a whopping $11.9 billion industry by 2008. It’s burning for talent like yours. Here’s how you can get in on it NOW! Sign up today, and AWAI will send you – * The comprehensive program guide for Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market – Creating a Path to Personal Success. This includes all the fundamentals, techniques and secrets you’ll need to jump-start your success in this opportunity-filled market? including a special section devoted to proven methods for marketing yourself as a self-help copywriter so you’re landing the best assignments right from the start.
* The Self-Help Writer’s Guide to Boosting Productivity and Income? where you’ll learn secret techniques to speed productivity and easily uncover the big idea, the USP, the benefits, teasers, metaphor ideas and other great selling ideas.
* A library of 13 winning controls you can learn from, including detailed analysis of why each one worked. This is a treasure trove of home-run self-help packages that will give you access to breakthrough ideas that you can use in your own copy, making you a better writer, faster.
* 341 potential clients, complete with contact names, phone numbers and email addresses – you can literally pick, choose, and go after the clients that appeal to you the most, helping you to launch your career, now!
* The AWAI Guide to Profitable List Selection to help you interpret your client’s mailing list information and put you head and shoulders above the competition.
* Conversations With the Masters, an audio collection not available anywhere else. AWAI has interviewed these ?heavy hitters? of self-help copywriting and it’s only available to members of this program. You’ll feel inspired and ready to take action as you listen in on the insights, strategies, and advice from the these copywriting greats.
* The Golden Thread – AWAI’s popular weekly e-letter that provides you with weekly insights from the pros including copywriting tips and strategies, information on getting clients, industry news and happenings and newly posted job opportunities. You’ll also read success stories from fellow members of the program. Be sure to let AWAI know about your success, too, so we can all celebrate it! As you can see, that’s well worth $1,000 or more!


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