Badboy – The Instasex Method


Published on: May 10, 2021
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I’m also going to tell you how, even though a bullet tore through my 12 year old brain, and stunted my growth and social development. I went from alone and afraid of dying without dating any hot girls. to being voted the #1 Pick Up Artist in the world by PUA Summit.I was even featured in New York Times Bestseller & the Bible of Seduction ‘The Game’.
Because in this brief video presentation, I’m going to share how I exploit this totally unfair piece of stealth technology to see through all the layers of bull that women, your friends.the Internet, and even other so called ‘experts’ use to blind you to the truth about meeting and dating the hottest chicks you’ve ever laid eyes on.
Letting you instantly burn a hole through all of her natural walls and defenses.skipping the dating process entirely.NEVER asking for a phone number.NEVER dealing with her tests.NEVER getting told you’re ‘like a brother’ to her again.and NEVER having to worry about being rejected when you make the first move.
Once you try my glasses on, you’ll be able to look out into a crowded street, or the shopping mall, or a coffee shop and IMMEDIATELY know which women are down to have sex TODAY.All it takes is one 5 to 15 minute conversation, and she’ll be grabbing your hand, whispering something dirty into your ears.and dragging you to HER place for an all day, all night sexual Olympics.


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