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Barry Rudd – Stock Patterns for Day Trading Home Study Course


Published on: December 10, 2020
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If you are interested in day trading stocks out of your home or office, or trading at a nearby day trading firm, our ?Stock Patterns for Day Trading Home Study Course? is tailor-made for you.  It?s the next best thing to our on-site training. This ground-breaking course is based on our intensive 1-week training class and is taught by course founder Barry Rudd.  The Home Study Course consists of a 6 videos series with over 10 hours of classroom instruction filmed during an actual five day session. A one hour ?introduction module? explains today?s market structure and software tools utilized in electronic direct access trading.  An extensive Level II quote screen tutorial provides you a fuller understanding of its interpretation and use. A BONUS MANUAL, ?Real-World Strategies for Stock Day Traders,? has just been completed and added to the course.  It rounds out the package with 122 pages that further explain several of the most influential factors impacting your success as a trader in today?s market.  This manual is only available to those who receive the Home Study Course. You?ll feel as if you were part of our full week $3,000 training seminar.  We bring alive all of the valuable information in our books and new manual showing you step-by-step how to actually implement these strategies in ?live? trading. What you?ll receive: Six videos of comprehensive classroom sessions including the intro module with the Level II quote screen tutorial (10+ hours) BONUS manual ?Real-World Strategies for Stock Day Traders? just completed (122 pages) The ?Stock Patterns for Day Trading Home Study Course? is your complete day traders package to success for $495.


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