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BeLight Business Card Composer v5.1.5 Mac OS X


Published on: December 14, 2020
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No matter your profession or interests may be, you communicate with people on a daily basis. Do they come back to you after the first meeting? Did you notice that business cards have the ability to bring back the memories about the people you met and how that happened? We deliver you Business Card Composer – the complete solution for creating and printing excellent business cards, calling cards and badges.

? For a trade show you can create custom business cards to reflect special events and promotions, or simply indicate your booth number.
– Your phone or e-mail has changed, and you can’t wait until your company makes new cards for you.
– You need to create small runs of cards for temporary staff.
– You have several jobs and want to have separate cards for each.
– You want to create a nice card with your contact information to give to the people you meet day to day.

All Features of Business Card Composer


? More than 1,000+ clipart images (40,000+ clipart images with Extras Pack).
– More than 740 ready-made designs, organized in categories.
– More than 100 unique image masks.
– Apply Mac OS X Core Image filters to your images.
– Design Business Cards
– Create regular, folded and CD-R cards.
– Horizontal and vertical layouts supported.
– Full support for double-sided cards. Both sides are saved in the same document, allowing you to switch between sides on a fly and print them with ease.
– Smart guides help to arrange design elements neatly.
– Option to manually set object position and size.
– Adjust vertical spacing or distribute objects vertically and horizontally.
– Horizontal and vertical object alignment.
– Make use of adjustable shadows with color settings.
– 3 alignment modes, including text alignment within text boxes.
– The application supports object editing on Background and Foreground layers, which helps to create advanced card designs.
– Special text labels for marking phone number, e-mail, etc.
– Google maps integration lets you import map image onto the card.
– Generate Code 128 barcode, as well as 2-dimensional barcodes, Data Matrix and QR (Quick Response).
– Integration with Apple iPhoto and Aperture lets preview and use pictures from the iPhoto libraries.
– 100 additional fonts (Extras Pack only).


? Tint images with colors, tile and rotate them, as well as change their transparency.
– Fill different objects with Linear or Radial gradients.
– Insert images in many supported formats – TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, EPS and more.
– 7,000 photo objects with transparent background can be applied to any picture to create mixed designs.
– Search images by keywords.
– Image cropping allows you to crop images directly in Composer.
– A custom image can be used as a mask in addition to the predesigned masks.
– Select multiple objects with the ability to resize and rotate them as a single item.
– Converting a text object into an image allows you to apply image effects to it.
– Adjustable export to EPS.
– Art Text integration helps to create high quality textual graphics, headings, logos, icons and buttons.


? Universal Binary version that allows to run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macintosh computers.
– Integration with Apple Address Book – drag and drop contacts right onto your cards.
– Integration with iPhoto lets preview and use pictures from the iPhoto libraries.
– Search images in Google righ


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