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Ben Adkins – Dream Team Immersion


Published on: December 10, 2020
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What’s Inside of “Build Your Dream Team”?

Immersion Session 1:

Smart Business Process Creation

This is our Secret. This is What Makes Us an Income Generating Machine and is the Engine behind Millions of Dollars in Sales and High Quality Products and Service. Inside this section you’ll learn how to create intelligent business processes that each make you money (over and over).

Inside This Session you’ll Learn:

By the time you’re through with this part of the course you’ll have the exact formula to build out processes and be ready to actually hire an employee (this is how our employees make money for us almost right out of the gate).

Immersion Session 2:

Finding and Hiring the Right Talent

What if you never had to worry about hiring the wrong person and were able to find talented people to help you grow your business?
It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is right now, being able to find the right talent is essential to each phase of growth for your company.

Inside this Session You’ll Learn:

By the time you’re through with Session 2 you’ll have a clear understanding of how to find staff, how to hire them, and how to make sure you find the people that will fit everything you designed in Session 1 of this course.

Immersion Session 3:

Building a Happy Team and Keeping yourself out of Legal Trouble.

What good are building business processes and hiring talented people to carry them out if you can’t keep them happy and working with other team members?

We aren’t leaving anything out and that’s why we’ll be covering the secrets to building a happy team. We’ll also show you the secrets to keeping everything legal and avoiding the pitfalls of paying people the wrong way.
In this Session You’ll Learn:

By the time you’re through with Session 3 you’ll have a clear understanding of how to build a real company culture and make sure that you stay legally protected and on the right side of the IRS. This is key if you have employees (even if they live outside of the United States).


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