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Ben Adkins – ScriptDoll Million Dollar Sales Templates


Published on: December 10, 2020
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I Don’t Know Anyone Who is Successful Online who didn?t experience

their Fair Share of Failures Before They Finally ?Got it?.

You spend hours a day, hunched over a desk, plugging away online.

Trying to put the puzzle together, while implementing the things that you’ve learned.

It seems so easy for other people! But as hard as you try, you still haven?t been able to get it right and actually make real or sustainable money online.

Does Any of the Following Sound Familiar?

All the Traffic and ?Flashy Pages? in the World won’t Help you if You Don’t Know

How to Use ?6 Critical Puzzle Pieces? to Get that Traffic to Convert.

From: Ben Adkins

RE: ?6 Magical Puzzle Pieces?

Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,

Dr Ben Adkins here and believe me, I get it.

When I first started trying to make money on the internet, I must have tried everything. I bought every product, software, and method that I could afford. I was desperate to get over the hump and start making money online.
The results were absolutely miserable for the first year.

The most frustrating part of the entire process during that first year? I followed everything that all of the so called ?gurus? said to do.

Every so often I would have a little success. But it was never anything that I could recreate or turn into an actual income.

I was beat down, tired, and I?m ashamed to admit, I was ready to give up on the whole ?internet business? thing forever.

If it hadn?t been for a chance snow day in early December 2011, I might not be where I am today. But, thanks to a freak weather mishap, I had to miss work one day – confined to my house for a few extra hours. That day, I decided to look deeper into the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs.
And after a few hours of digging deep into HOW they were selling things? well? what I found shocked me.

What these Guru’s were telling others to do, versus what they were actually doing were two very different things.

Once I noticed that, I started paying more attention to how they really created their sales messages (rather than the way they were teaching others). And I started to notice patterns?

(AKA the answer to Your Online Sales and Conversion Problems)

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting Inside:

Puzzle Piece 1: Affiliate Manipulation Page 2.0

It doesn?t matter if you have a physical or digital product, being able to get others to actively promote your product and lend their influence is vital. The key to doing it correctly is: knowing exactly how to communicate with affiliates in a small window of time. This closely guarded layout and full walkthrough shows you exactly how I (and other million dollar marketers) set up affiliate communication pages that convert – and lead to skyrocketing launches and sales. You’ll see how you can finally do the same.

Puzzle Piece 2: The Trust Trojan Horse Sequence

We?ve all seen those ?3-4 Video? pre launch campaigns – they’re highly effective in getting people to buy higher ticket products. Inside, I’ll explain how these videos work to build trust and the correct way to sequence them. You’ll learn the psychology behind them, so you can create your own hugely profitable launch Video Sequences. This one tool will help you make a lot more next year. You can do it even if you don’t want your face on camera!

Puzzle P


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