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Ben Adkins – The Arbitrage Magician


Published on: December 14, 2020
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?and for good reason.

It?s an easy 5 step system. Specially designed to turn your rollercoaster business into a sustainable 6-Figure enterprise.

Instead of jumping from one fad to the next, Arbitrage Magician will take you by the hand. Putting you in the driver?s seat of a reliable business that you can be proud of.

Top 3 Niche Finders that Will Start You Off on the ?Profitable? Foot

* Before we dive right in, I?m going to give you my secret warm-up strategy. This will set the pace for your upcoming success. Allowing you to choose a niche that you can easily dominate.

The Big Facebook Business Mistake That?s Setting You Up for Failure:

The #1 reason most Facebook marketers fail is lack of a long-term strategy. Investing time and money into assets, all while skipping over the most critical part. I?m going to show you how to avoid making a career-ending mistake that will set you up for failure before you even begin.

Selling the Right Products? Without All the Work

Increasing your profits relies on you growing your business. Which means you don?t have time to be creating products. I?m going to pull you out of that ?worker? mindset, and launch you into CEO status. Together, we?ll slash your workload (this is all about keeping it simple and not having to carry any inventory.)

The Big Question: ?Is there a Market for My Product??

Nothing is worse than making a high-risk investment. We?re going to remove ?risk? from the equation and ensure you?re marketing a viable product-before putting in too much money or time. This is a huge life saver!

Setting Up Your First Online Store

Unlike brick and mortar, you?re start-up costs for this store are almost nill? but that doesn?t mean you?re not vulnerable to some profit-breaking mistakes. No worries. I?m going to give you my personal cheat sheet, and 4 key rules to ensure your success.

Hot Seat #1

At the end of Session 1, you?ll have built a sturdy foundation for your business. This is the core of a sustainable business and reliable income stream. With just Session 1 under your belt, you?ll already be light years ahead of 95% of marketers out there.

The Facebook Ad Test: Your Short-Term Traffic Generator

Your foundation is set, now it?s time to take action. With a carefully crafted Facebook ad, I?ll show you how to test your product to ensure it?s a winner. This prevents you from investing in a heavy launch that?s doomed before you begin.

Setting up Your First Long term Traffic Generator

Next, I?m going to show you how to exploit your test data. This will build your first l


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