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Ben Barker – BsappsFX Course


Published on: February 7, 2022
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Ben Barker – BsappsFX Course

About Ben Barker

Benjamin is a seasoned Forex trader, mentor and creator of the BsappsFX strategy and BsappsFX educational programme. His trading experience spans 5 years + and there is nothing he hasn’t tried or back tested when it comes to technical trading within the financial markets. Benjamin is known and respected within the social media world as someone who is authentic, transparent and always offering free value and knowledge for his audience.

About BsappsFX

BsappsFX was launched in May 2019, and since its release to the public it has gained huge momentum, with over 1,000 members joining organically. It’s a lifetime membership subscription enabling full access to 50+ hours and counting of video content. The content is broken down into modules which when combined, present a rules based and disciplined rinse and repeat strategy which works on currencies, commodities and even cryptocurrency markets. Also included within the lifetime subscription, is a helpful community telegram and an additional telegram where a weekly video is released breaking down set ups and entry points in alignment with the strategy taught. As a result of the strategy taught, a healthy percentage of BsappsFX students have become funded by FTMO!


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