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Ben Booker – Live to Fail Workout Program


Published on: December 10, 2020
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If you’re looking to add lean muscle and look the best you ever have in your life, then this is the program for you. LTF is a 90-day program that was 15 years in the making. The name Live to Fail comes directly from the life philosophy of Ben Booker, the program’s trainer: You have to fail in order to grow. So often, we are gripped with fear – fear of pushing through boundaries. We are afraid to fail. That’s why we created this program. We’re going to teach you how to fail properly and be proud of it! Ben has learned that failure is the stimulus to growth – both in life and in training. Failure is the secret to getting the most out of these workouts.Most people think they need to lift heavy weights in order to gain lean muscle. Well, that just isn?t true. In 90 days, we’re going to help you transform your body with just two sets of relatively light weights and a box. You’ll learn the principles behind how muscle failure builds the well-defined, lean muscle mass you want.LTF is broken down into 2 phases. Phase 1 is the stength phase, during which your muscles and body are going to get stronger. In phase 2 we move onto supersets – two back to back moves that increasingly tax your muscles to help you shred fat, revealing your lean muscle definition.The philosophy behind LTF lies in muscle failure. The moves and the equipment are simple, but the workouts are tough. By pushing to failure, you’re breaking the muscle down. As your muscles recover, they grow, and you’ll start to see results.Workout OverviewChest and Back: In Chest & Back, Ben takes you through four exercises, each for four rounds. Get ready to make the most of your workout.Back and Chest: In Chest & Back, Ben takes you through four exercises, each for four rounds. Get ready to make the most of your workout.Armforge 1: So you want arms like Ben Booker? Then jump right into Armforge. Sixteen total sets of brutal arm exercises will sculpt your arms and leave them burning like they never have before.Armforge 2: Armforge 2 will have you feeling like you’re running a marathon on your arms. Going through four rounds of four unique supersets is really no walk in the park, so be prepared.Shoulders and Shield 1: Work through four sets of five different exercises in this 40 minute shoulder workout. You’ll be pushed to the limit, so get ready to give it all you have.Shoulders and Shield 2: Grab your box and dumbbells and get ready to tackle four supersets designed to shred your shoulders. This is a long workout, so get ready to sweat.Pillars of Strength 1: Pillars of Strength takes you through five moves for four sets each. You’ll push yourself to the bring as you work to build a solid foundation. Remember, don’t forget leg day!Pillars of Strength 2: Your legs will definitely be wobbly after the supersets in this tough workout. Don’t worry about failure! It?ll only help you develop a stronger foundation.Lower Body Metcon 7: Build up your aerobic capacity with this short 18 minute lower body Metcon workout. Feel your heart rate rise and the fat start melting right off!Lower Body Metcon 14: Your endurance will really be tested in this workout. Two rounds of intense lower-body exercises are accompanied by two finishers and short recovery times. You’ll really feel the burn in this workout.Lower Body Metcon 21: You may not be running a marathon, but it will sure feel like it in LB Metcon 21 as you go through three intense rounds of lower body workouts. You’re in it for the long haul.Upper Body Metcon 7: This 18 minute workout may seem short, but the short rest periods will immediately cause your arms to feel the burn. Your anaerobic capacity will really be tested here.Upper Body Metcon 14: Let’s take it up a notch. In this upper body Metcon workout, you’ll go through two rounds of exercise with minimal recovery, each followed by an explosive finisher.Upper Body Metcon 21: Ramp up the intensity even more with this Metcon workout. Metcon 21 will really test your upper body’s endurance with three rounds of workouts and three challenges!Release and Recovery ProgramsMobility Yoga: (Yoga Mat) – Release all of your joint and muscle tension with Cody Storey’s envigorating Mobility Yoga workout. This 50 minute yoga session is perfect for those well deserved recovery days.Release Total Body: (Foam Roller, Tennis Ball) – This full body release session with foam rollers and balls let’s you work on all of your trigger points and leaves you feeling restored, relaxed, and better ready to face all the stress the world throws at your body daily.


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