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Ben Settle – 10-Minute Workday Program


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The ?Ben Settle? Secret to? ?Client-less? Copywriting

How to Create Your Own $465,000 Copywriting Business? Without EVER Having to Land a Single Client?

Writing Just 10 Minutes a Day, About Stuff You Love!


The ?Core? Program ? What You Need to Start Your 10-Minute Workday Business

This is the meat of it right here?

12 ?deep dive? instructional webinar courses from Ben on all the aspects of setting up and launching your 10-Minute Workday ?no-client? email business.


  • Session 1 ? ?Like A Bum Who Gets Paid? ? Ben?s introduction to the program and the ?10-Minute? lifestyle? and why anyone who loves to write can have an email business like Ben?s?

  • Session 2 ? ?Be A Master Of Markets? ? Ben?s step-by-step instructions for this crucial step: identifying the ideal ?starving market? for you to write about?

  • Session 3 ? ?The Perfect Product? ? Every ?10-Minute Email? you write will sell a product that?s valuable to your market. That?s your income stream. Ben will help you find or create it ? a product you can sell once and have it pay you forever? that?s scalable? and that your market craves?

  • Session 4 ? ?The Stupid Simple Funnel? ? The great thing about the 10-Minute Workday program is its simplicity: People find you, they opt in, you send them an email every day that links to a sales page, they buy, and you make money. The Stupid Simple Funnel shows you how it all works?

  • Session 5 ? ?The Optimum Opt-In Page? ? Again, a model of simplicity: one page, a strong promise, some lines of credibility, and an ethical ?bribe.? Ben shows you how to put it all together ? in a day or less.

  • Session 6 ? ?Slacker Proof Sales Letters? ? Ben?s very own, highly tested, extremely effective method of writing ?not-so-perfect? sales letters broken down into five easy steps.

  • Session 7 ? The Email Players Crash Course ? The three-part, in-depth training session that teaches you how to write edgy, engaging, memorable, and highly effective daily emails just like Ben ? plus an invaluable 30-day ?Get Great at Email? Game Plan.

  • Session 8 ? List-Building Lovin? ? Growing your list of readers is crucial to the success and growth of your 10-Minute Workday business. In this session, Ben shows you over 50 ways to drive thousands of eager, starving buyers to your opt-in page each and every day?

  • Session 9 ? The Painless Product Launch ? The more products you have, the more things you can sell, and the more money you have flowing to you. Ben is a master at the ?new product launch?


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