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Ben Settle – Street Smart Email System


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Ben’s taken this course off the market and I didn?t save the salesletter. So this description will have to do until he puts it back up?

The Street-Smart Email System is my entire email methodology on a plate.

It’s what I use to write unusually high converting emails not just
to my own lists? but also as the ?chief conversions officer? of
one of the biggest info publishers on the Internet (routinely
writing and testing emails to multiple 100,000+ name lists).

Email Secrets
Of An Email Marketing Strategist
Who Lives And Dies By His Results?

* A neurological discovery that makes it super easy (even for newbies) to write money-making emails.

* How to accurately test your emails without using tracking links or software.

* A secret way of using PayPal to get almost 100% email open rates? AND as much as double your up-sell rates.

* How to quickly knock out profitable emails in 15 minutes or less? even if you’re not feeling energetic or have ?brain fog.?

* A little-known way to use your prospects? mobile phones to increase their chances of buying from your emails.

* ?Ninja? ways to thwart the **** filters?.

This Course
Is Not ?Cheap.?

It’s actually pretty darn expensive.

It’s also not ‘slicked up? with pretty graphics, either. (Total ?plain Jane? layout, with telephone-quality audio.)

And, it does not come with a money back guarantee.

Here are a few more secrets inside this course:

* How watching a certain popular TV show (from the 1990’s) can dramatically increase the response of your emails. (I?ve gotten many of my best, and most profitable email themes and ideas just from watching this show.)

* How to ?program? (like a computer) your brain to give you an almost unlimited number of ideas for your emails at will. (This is how I?m able to write daily emails for multiple businesses almost without strain. In fact, when you do this, your problem won’t be coming up with new ideas? it will be trying to remember them all!)

* The secret Ronald Reagan negotiation strategy (used by some of history’s most persuasive men and women) that can make almost any email more responsive and profitable.

* The fastest and easiest way to get freebie seekers to unsubscribe off your list, while also getting the ?fence sitters? to buy at the same time.

* The one kind of subject line to use if you absolutely MUST get the email opened. (The late great copywriter Gary Halbert did this ALL the time in his most successful sales letters and ads.)

* Is there a best time of the day for sending emails? (Someone asked what time of the day I would send out an email if I was going to be be-headed if the recipient did not open it. Here’s my answer.)

* Clever ways (used by some of the Internet’s top email marketers) to reduce **** complaints and unsubscribes. (Some of these ways are ?unorthodox?, but they all work, and chances are your competition is NOT using them).

* Word-for-word, the single most important part of your email to test. (Many tests show this ‘sleepy? part of your email can be even MORE important than your subject line!)

* How to create email surveys that will show you (1) exactly what your list wants to buy and (2) how much money they are willing to pay. (Potentially letting you know exactly what to sell to your list and how much to charge before you even create your product!)

* The most profitable number of times to plug your links in an email. (And why the ?P.S.? is not always the best place to put a link!)

* The ?water cooler? subject line that is extremely hard for people to resist opening. (I figured this out several years ago while watching people yapping away at a job I worked at. Best part: It takes zero creativity whatsoever.)

* How to take the pressure and anxiety off of writing emails. (This tip is used by world class athletes who compete under immense pressure with lots of money at stake. And it’s perfect for when you need to get an email out and don’t want to ?choke? under the pressure.)

* A small change you can make in the way you distribute your emails that is so powerful, there is only ONE case I know where it did NOT increase response! (I cannot guarantee this will work for you, but it does work for most people who try it, and one marketer I know said he got a 3,333% response increase doing it! It’s so ridiculously easy, too. Just follow my simple instructions and see for yourself.)

I could go on and on with this.

That’s just a small taste of what’s in this course, and we haven?t even scratched the surface of all the tips, strategies and ideas inside.

The course includes:

* 12 audio CD’s (the ?meat? of the course is the first 6 CD’s, which is a little under 5 hours of content – see the ?PS? below for details)

* 1 data CD (with all the audio bundled on as MP3’s in case you?d like to load them into an iPod or MP3 player)

* A 275 page transcript book of all the audio content

* A 180 page workbook stuffed with examples of the emails, subject lines, and ideas discussed in the course (including analysis of some of my best performing emails)

Anyway, here’s the deal:

Street Smart Email costs $795 and shipping is free.

It is also pure meat, too.


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