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Betfair Scalper 2017


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Scalping Betfair For Daily Profits Learn How The Professionals Make Profits Using Betfair Scalping in 2017
The Following Video Will Explain The Basic Scalping Concept ? Please remember to Click the HD Option for better viewing:
CONTENT UPDATE: The HD Video Tutorials Now Contains Over 7 Hours of professional Scalping & Trading Training (45+ HD Videos!)
Betfair scalping is not a new concept, and many people try do it, but what is not readily available, is a step by step instruction on how it is completed by those who know exactly what they are doing. What is Betfair Scalping? To put it simply, Betfair scalping is a process whereby we take advantage of the amount of bets people place on Betfair on a daily basis, and we simply complete a few actions on every race, and take a small cut of the money entering the markets. Betfair scalping is a systematic approach to skimming a certain profit from the Betfair markets, and taking advantage of price movements that happen on every race.
We do this before the racing even starts, so that by the time the action has started, we are already out of the event with a profit being made. In the UK there are approximately 20 horse races per day, and we will teach you how to use BetAngel software to scalp a profit from almost every race on a daily basis. Do I Need Bookmaker Accounts?
No, all the scalping activities are completed on Betfair?s own website, which is 100% safe, and you do not need to open any bookmakers accounts for this. One of the main problems many people have had over recent years, is that when they start making profits, their respective bookmaker accounts have been closed, because bookmakers are a business, and don?t like losing money. Betfair is different, as they actually enjoy people winning, and making profits.
No More Banned Bookmaker Accounts, This is 100% Safe
Last Saturday afternoon, one of the UK?s top Betfair traders compiled a video course that is probably one of the most comprehensive guides to scalping Betfair available on the internet. The videos show you how the trader went from race, by race, all filmed live (before the races had even started) and how he used particular scalping methods to ensure a profit every time. And since that time, the same professional trader has compiled no less than 45+ detailed videos, spanning over 7 hours in length, demonstrating how his scalping techniques can be replicated by anybody. Scalping Requirements:
1) An internet connection. 2) A windows computer, or laptop (Mac is possible, but a VPS server is required). 3) Bet Angel software, which is a desktop application with a 14 day trial. 4) A Betfair account. Please note, that the BetAngel software will NOT run for a tablet, phone, or similar device. This is professional trading, and therefore a proper Windows computer/laptop is required. Can Anybody Do This? Providing you can adhere to the above requirements, then anybody can do this providing they know how to use a computer and can follow simple instructions, as well as being prepared to practice. The scalping methods work, and have worked for years. Although as with any activity, you will need to learn how it works, study the materials and video training, and then practice yourself. Our Course is 100% Newbie Friendly This course is 100% ?newbie friendly? ? We take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know. How to use the software, right through to making profits ? all in baby steps that anybody could understand. If you have watched tutorials in the past (or even other Betfair trading courses) and still been ?left wondering?, then with our course you will be left with no doubt on which actions you need to take to make this work for you. How Much Money Do I Need as a Bank? This is one of the main benefits of scalping, in that you can start with any bank size, so if you only have ?100 to start with, then you can, and build up your profits that way, and then increase your ba


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