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Bill Myers – 201 Video Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Product Developers


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Like having your own private resource library of more than 200 videos tips for internet marketers and product developers.

The equivalent of 10 DVDs packed with valuable information!

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

A complete library of short tips and tricks for product developers and web marketers, giving you instant solutions to the kinds of challenges you’ll likely face in your web business.

With ?201 Video Tips for Product Developers?, you have at your fingertips more than 200 short videos covering:

income generation
web business building
project ideas
niche market research
free resources for project and web development
video creation and editing
using YouTube and Google
and many more

. . . all designed to help grow your web businesses.

201 Video Tips for Product Developers includes more than 10 hours of short, to-the-point videos by Bill Myers – it’s like getting a library of 10 DVDs on a single disk!

To make this large video library easy to use, all the videos are on a single DVD with an easy-to-navigate menu. Just one click on the video selection menu, and the video you want begins playing almost instantly.

All the videos on this disk are super high resolution computer screen movies, far superior than you?d get on a normal DVD. For that reason, this disc can be viewed on any computer DVD drive, but not on DVD drives attached to TV sets.

Now, back to the DVD contents . . .

201 Video Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Product Developers includes videos about:

Tips for building profitable internet businesses
Finding and registering trademarks
Finding and registering great domain Names
Finding niche markets using free tools
Choosing profitable topics for how-to DVDs
Finding free photos, free clip art, free royalty free music
Creating PDF documents from any source, including web pages
Converting photos to drawings or works of art
Creating your own royalty free music
Creating effective web page ads
Creating 3D product box shots for sales pages
Generating income from unused domain names
Creating profitable businesses in 30 minutes or less
Creating TV commercial titles and graphics
YouTube search engine optimization secrets
Adding links to YouTube videos
Creating quick product demo videos
Converting videos to flash format
Using Camtasia to create profitable products
Plus 50 tips & techniques for using Sony Vegas Movie Studio
And much much more . . . more than 200 video tutorials in all!

You’ll learn secrets that can save you hours of research, tons of money, and open doors to new product and project ideas and income generation tools.

Here’s what people are saying
For the past three hours, I have been glued to my computer screen watching Bill’s new DVD? don’t walk, but RUN to the order page and purchase your DVD. You won’t regret it. – Frank

I have spent a little over three hours watching the video. I hate to stop, but I need to give my m


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